Certified Recovery Coach Supervisor

Everyone is becoming a Recovery Coach these days, but whom is going to manage all these people? Certainly not Therapists or Clinical Directors with ZERO coaching background.  As a Certified Recovery Coach Supervisor, you can rest easy knowing you have the tools and skills to handle recovery coaching staff members in a positive, professional manner and guide them in navigating client issues from a coaching perspective. If you are already a trained Certified Recovery Coach (Peer or Professional), it is now time to excel in your career and add a Supervisor Certification so that you can hire, train and manage good quality Recovery Coaches.

Adding a Certified Recovery Coach Supervisor Credential to your resume will open up job opportunities and allow you to position yourself in the addiction industry as a leader in Recovery Coaching and give your company and clients the assurance they need to know you have the best training on the market. You can also go into private practice and hire recovery coaches to provide services to clientele.  Now is the time to position yourself above the rest of your peers. Call TODAY 1.800.706.0318 EXT 2


40 hours of self study class via web portal


Optional 10 hours supervisory coaching  (add on)

Workbook (add on) for students

What will you LEARN?

**You will study ethics in coaching, what the legal and ethical procedures are and how to implement them.

**Characteristics of Effective Supervisors and how to implement them.

**How to hire, fire and manage a healthy team.

**You will learn what personalities of coaches fit best with clients.

**Documentation and Clinical Terminology of Addiction and Mental Health will be discussed.

**Learn how to create Action Plans for your Staff and assist them with Action Plans for their clients.

**How to host staff meetings to discuss Progress Notes and Client Developmental Roles.

**How to Case Manage and Triage the client in Crisis and how to offer Continuum of Care Services.

**You will study how to deal with an unruly Recovery Coach and what Anger Management signs to look for in a coach.

**You will learn Effective Communication Skills to deal with your coaches and how to motivate them for success.

**You will engage in Outreach and Community Networking using Best Practices Model

**You will learn how to handle the Clinical Team, Treatment Planning and Clinical Concerns.

**Progress Notes and Client Planning will be discussed in a Supervisor Role.

**Supervisors should understand all modalities of treatment: Detox, RTF, PHP, IOP, Halfway, Sober Living and Beyond.

**DSM-5 will be covered.


46 hours of Peer to Peer Recovery Coach Training


TAA Training as a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach

Passing of Exam

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