Certified Recovery Coach Supervisor

Adding a Certified Recovery Coach Supervisor credential to your resume will open up job opportunities and allow you to position yourself in the addiction industry as a leader in Recovery Coaching.  This will give your company and clients the assurance they need to know you have the best training on the market. You can also go into private practice and hire recovery coaches to provide services to clientele.  Now is the time to position yourself above the rest of your peers, as people scramble to become Certified Recovery Coaches, the management potential is endless.

Prerequisite: Nationally Certified Recovery Coach training 

What Is Included in Our Recovery Coach Certification and Training?

Our 36 Hour CEU Accredited Recovery Coach Certification and Training Program Includes:

  • Self-Study Module (20 hours) that includes all above areas of study and expertise.
  • Ethics self-study component at your leisure with manual and exam. No time limit to complete this course (optional but included in price).
  • Clinical supervision every Tuesday from 10-11 EST for 10 weeks to hone your coaching skills (optional, but included in price). Call in via phone or access us via web platform face to face.
  • Copy of #1 BESTSELLING WORKBOOK of activities.
  • Copy of Forms and Business Contracts manual


Call for pricing 1.800.706 0318 Sign Up For Self Study On-Line Courses.

What You will learn:

  • Characteristics of Effective Supervisors and how to implement them
  • Active vs. Passive Listening Skills in management
  • Ethics and legal side of Recovery Coaching
  • Personality matching coaches to clients
  • Hiring and managing a healthy team of Recovery Coaches
  • How to handle proper documentation
  • Clinical Terminology of addiction and mental health
  • Creating Action Plans for clients AND staff
  • Hosting staff meetings and progress note dictation
  • Understanding developmental roles
  • How to case manage
  • How to Triage the client in crisis
  • Proper Continuum of care and how to refer properly
  • How to handle anger management in a coach and unruly behavior or relapse
  • Effective communication skills and how to motivate your team
  • Engaging in outreach community networking
  • Understanding Best Practices models
  • Supervisors should understand all modalities of treatment: Detox, RTF, PHP, IOP, Halfway, Sober Living and Beyond.
  • You will learn how to handle the Clinical Team, Treatment Planning and Clinical Concerns.
  • DSM-5 will be covered.