The Addictions Academy presents Evan ‘Bullet’ James from the show A &E The Extractors. Are you ready for EXTREME INTERVENTION? If you are tired of all the ‘family interventions around a sofa’ and want to see what the NEXT BIG thing is, you need to meet Bullet in LA and Cali Estes when they teach Extreme Intervention.

Extreme Crisis Intervention Training

You may have seen it on TV and said “that looks like fun” or maybe you are tired of doing the same old boring interventions. You seek excitement, fun, and an adrenaline rush. You  got into this industry to help save lives AND the chaos of an intervention is fun for you. The crazier, the better. Well, now we have the training to match what you are looking for!

The Addictions Academy is pleased to have teamed up with Evan “Bullet” James, the most well known extreme interventionist in the world. He is the brains behind the A & E Tv show ‘The Extractors”. He and his team specialize in extreme interventions. Now you can learn the Art of The Extreme Intervention Model.

Addiction and substance abuse are non-discriminating in their offenses and can detrimentally affect individuals and families from all walks of life.  When all else has failed, most are ill equipped to handle the devastating consequences of the wide array of forms addiction can take and eventually will turn to local counselors, social workers or addiction specialists to coordinate and guide interventions.  These trained professionals are usually not equipped to handle the level of intervention needed to handle the circumstances around the addict and the family. This is where YOU come in!

An Intervention is generally defined as an educational process involving a face-to-face meeting of family, friends and sometimes even an employer with the person grappling with addiction.  The goal is to bridge the connection between the individual’s substance abuse and the problems in their life so the addict can clearly see the turn for the worst and accept the opportunity to change.

Unfortunately, many interventions end in relapse leaving the cycle to continue.  This reality has given rise to a select group of highly trained and experienced individuals who engage in what is now known as Extreme Intervention Model (Pioneered By Evan “Bullet” James).  Extreme Interventionists are the last resort, the last house on the block, as they’d say, it’s an “A-Team” of interventionists, mobile on a moment’s notice, organized and equipped to handle the most convoluted, critical and despondent of scenarios.  Extreme Intervention’s are facilitated when the situation has become seemingly hopeless and all attempts to rehabilitate an unalterable addict have failed.

Extreme Intervention professionals legally “Extract” chronic addicts whom are rarely in a fixed location.  Specializing in extraction and transportation, they deploy a range of techniques not limited to surveillance, private investigation, undercover and detective work to locate, extract and transport individuals to rehabilitation facilities.  Working in tandem with the addict’s family, Extreme Interventionists are expertly able to customize plans of action tailored to each unique and individual situation to not only engage the addict in the intervention process, but to also place those in need in the appropriate facilities to guarantee a successful rehabilitation process. One of the most fascination aspects of Extreme Intervention is the fact that many times it’s much more effective to legally extract the client, without the family anywhere near by. This type of extraction tends to make the client pay to attention that the negative pendulum of their addiction has caught up to them in “real time”.

Are you ready to take your intervention skills to the NEXT level? If you want to learn Extreme Interventions Join Evan ‘Bullet” James and Cali Estes of the Advanced Clinical Intervention and the exclusive RAAD Model for a 3 day training that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Extreme Crisis Intervention Training - IAAP Approved Course