Christian Recovery Coach and Life Coach Training

There are many theories and models of coaching. Christian Recovery and Life Coaching will Train the average layperson to be a Professional Recovery Coach and Life Coach.  The course explains the basic theories and helps you understand how to develop an effective model of Christian Recovery Coaching that will help your clients make effective changes in all areas of their lives. Coaching is a vital new helping field that is growing daily. Christian Recovery Coaching: Scriptural and Spiritual Foundations explores the biblical basis for the field of coaching and provides theological roots. Relationships and Communication: Core Competencies, Coaching Skills learning to effectively communicate with the client helps you develop the core skills of building rapport, Active Listening, Powerful Questions, and other foundational techniques. You will build an effective toolbox for coaching. Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards in Coaching: Trust is very important to your success. Ministry and Spiritual Care shows you how it can be a key to helping individuals find their God-given purposes in life. Demonstrates techniques and teaches keys to spiritual care in coaching while helping people improve their lives. Go on a twelve step journey in time that heals those afflicted with hopelessness.  Find answers to the difficult problems and solutions to tough situations in places like the Valley of Elah, or in the Scripture.  Explore definitions of words that you use every day.  Play out scenarios to see what you have learned.  Become the coach you know you can be!  Learn lessons and principles from the parables and the Word.  Your instructor has Doctorates in Life Coaching and Christian Counseling with Board Certifications in Substance Abuse and Alcohol Abuse, Family, Grief, and Developmental Counseling.  He is a Licensed and Ordained Reverend and has been in ministry and in the Addiction and Recovery field for almost two decades.