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Train the Trainer Program

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Train the Trainer Program for Students

            If you’ve fallen in love with addiction coaching as many others already have and want to spread the word, The Addictions Academy now has the perfect opportunity for you. With the new Train the Trainer program not only are you encouraged to give people a glimpse into the world of coaching, but you’re rewarded for it! This chance is rarely offered anywhere else, and if you’re at all interested, it’s better to jump in sooner rather than later.

What is Train the Trainer?

            Train the Trainer is an exciting program brought to you by Cali Estes and The Addictions Academy team that rewards you for becoming a coach. There’s no caveat or rug pull, that’s it! You make money for doing what you intended to do in the first place. The process is simple; You become a trainer (T3 Level coach) for TAA, and you’re put in charge of hosting classes either in person or online, and TAA handles the backend for you. You don’t have to worry about logging student hours, supervisions, extra classes, and following up on renewals – all you do is fill your classes and then teach.

            The program is meant to spread awareness and availability for classes to those who would struggle to find them otherwise. If they wanted to be an addictions coach and prefer in-person classes or just hadn’t heard of them before, this could be a fantastic opportunity for them. It’s hard getting the word out there, and this is a perfect chance to do just that through trusted trainers.

How to Get Started

            Now, it’s important to stress the importance of the word “trusted” in that earlier sentiment. While it would be grand to have anyone able to take part in the program, it’s a hefty responsibility and can’t be offered willy-nilly. Thus the “T3” or Trainer qualification is necessary. It’s simple enough, nonetheless.

            First, you decide which two classes you would like to teach, any two classes. It could be intervention, recovery/addiction coaching, food addiction, sex addiction – whatever resonates most with you and your goals. Next, you take the classes to get a certification, which is the obvious next step. You can’t teach a class you know nothing about! Finally, you fill out the application provided here to discuss goals and plans and before long you’ll have a dedicated individual who will train you in class offerings and methods. They’ll have the materials needed to teach you the ins and outs, and on top of that is the T3 exclusive business development package! There you’re taught how to attract students into your classes, build a funnel, how you can teach effectively, get referral students and so much more.

            This course does come with a fee, but it’s easily paid off if you were to obtain two students at the current going rate. Two! The average school classroom is a minimum of thirty people, and you can get far in no time! In exchange for the payout you’ll receive, TAA simply takes a small percentage per student used to support the backend. Things like materials, certification exams, student portal, supervision mentorship, and other materials. Otherwise, you keep the rest.

            So – if you’re someone who’s passionate about being an addictions coach and you feel you’re ready to teach others, there’s no other program that rewards you better. It’s simple, it’s safe and it’s a fantastic way to earn some money to pay the bills, save for the future, or do whatever else with it! The Addictions Academy website has more information, they’re open to communication if you have any questions, and the application process is simple and easy.

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