Train the Trainer

YOU ASKED. WE LISTENED! We created the first training affiliate program for addiction professionals.  Not only can you give back, help others learn the art of addiction coaching, intervention and more, but you can also make additional income doing it.  This is a win-win-win all the way around. Think about how many more lives will be saved when you are educating others to assist clients with addictions AND have a few extra thousand dollars per month would help with the bills.

By sharing our proven programs to others and educating more instructors to teach our educational courses, we reach more clients. It is that simple. Clients NEED services in every area of the world and those services may not be available to everyone.  By teaching as a Train the Trainer, YOU become that key individual that helps others experience purpose and passion in life by becoming a recovery coach, interventionist, family coach, relapse prevention coach or addiction prevention coach. We offer unlimited support, marketing help and more!

If you are ready to take on teaching International Intervention Professional Training OR International Recovery Coaching Training as an Affiliate OR Family Coaching Training OR Addiction Prevention Training or Relapse Prevention Training, our Train the Trainer Program is for YOU!  We sell by territory so you can reserve yours now before it is gone.

If you are a Treatment Center Owner, would you like to have trained staff on hand at all times for a fraction of the cost of other training? Would you like to earn extra income by teaching a few classes in person? Then our Signature Train the Trainer program is FOR YOU!

You asked for it, we created it!

Every treatment center and private practice needs great trained staff that can handle daily duties and train other staff without coming out of pocket for MORE training. That is exactly why we developed a full Train the Trainer program, where you can become certified through us to offer the training in your area. This is an Application Only program and we are only taking the finest candidates to offer our signature training around the world. Once you apply and get accepted into our program you will need to complete the training of your choice and then enter into the train the trainer status program. This includes 10 hours of teaching supervision, marketing, branding, and business mentoring.

Program Options

National Intervention Professional Training (NCIP) MUST Take a live course FIRST

Nationally Certified Recovery Coaching level 1 (NCRC) and Level II (NCRC- II)

Nationally Certified Family Recovery Coaching (NCFRC)

Nationally Certified Addiction Prevention professional (NCAPP)

Nationally Certified Relapse Prevention Professional (NCRPP)

All train the trainer programs include 10 hours of clinical supervision, materials for yourself and more importantly how to conduct successful classes. Your 10 hours also includes hands-on mentoring and how to teach and coach for success. We cover marketing and class expansion. Basically, we are going to teach you how to be successful in business!

Also available:  exclusive business development package (we will teach you how to attract students into your classes, build your funnel, teach the class and get referral students, workbooks and more).

You DO need to apply and be accepted into the program. Please fill out our application. One TTT per territory allowed, that gives you full marketing access to your area of choice.

Please click on our calendar for the schedule of classes and make sure you know what dates you want to enroll for. You will need to take the class first and enroll in the supervision component.

Professional Value of Courses:
> Increase your client base
> Increase your earning potential (or lower your ROI as a treatment center)
> Add Credentials to your Name 
> Make yourself marketable to treatment centers as a Trainer of Trainers  
> Increase your income 
> Learn marketing and branding skills 
> How to expand your clientele base and start your own Coaching Business
Please call 1.800.706.0318 or apply to be accepted into the training program.

How does it work? You pay $2500 for the class of your choice above, (after you have paid for and completed the original class with us), and all of your learning materials and the 10 hours of supervision and Mentorship on how to become a successful teacher are included in the per class purchase territory fee.

You then begin filling your classes at $999 each. Each student pays us $299 for materials, certification papers, certificate papers, ceus etc. You keep the rest. That is 700 per student per class. If you teach 3.5 students, you have paid back your original application fee and training fee.    Financial freedom at your fingertips.

YES, WE WILL SHOW YOU HOW TO MAKE OVER $100,000 TEACHING CLASSES and help others to assist clients in staying and getting sober. Amazing isn’t it? Helping others and making money in the process. Yes, you CAN!

CALL OR EMAIL US TODAY AT 1.800.706.0318 or APPLY ONLINE here: 

Train The Trainer - IAAP Approved Course