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Our Training classes at TAA focus on addiction and mental health issues in the community and society. Each class has continuing education with it (CEU, CME, or CE) and is completed as a self study video series online or live with an instructor.  

become a mental health coach

Addictions Counselor Training for Licensure

As a Certified or Licensed Addictions Counselor, you will be at the forefront of helping others with their drug and alcohol addictions. Once enrolled in our program, you will receive the 350 hours of education necessary to understand how to counsel clients with addictions in all of the required domains. This is the CORE training that you need to sit for local, state, and province exams and even the International IC&RC exam.  Ideal for anyone who wants to become a certified or licensed addictions counselor in your home area. Valid for most states, regions, provinces, and countries. Call for more information. 1800.706.0318

case managment notes

Case Management Training

Our Case Management and Aftercare Services Training covers all the tools necessary for a stellar case manager to assist their clients in getting the best services possible in mental health, physical health, addiction, housing, career, and more.  Ideal for company owners, coaches, and interventionists who want to add aftercare provider services for their clients and bill insurance.  Also eligible for CEU, CME, and CE.  

first responders

First Responder Training

Our First Responder training is designed especially for the Police Officer, EMT, Firefighter, Nurse, or crisis worker. Learn how to recognize and what to do with mental health and substance use disorders in the community/general public, how to recognize and what to do with mental health and substance use disorders in your coworkers, and how to recognize and what to do with mental health and substance use disorders in yourself.

TAA has trained all the first responders in Alaska, New Jersey, Nebraska and Florida. Please check with your team on grant funding for this training. 

teen motivation coaching

Relapse Prevention Training

In our Relapse Prevention training, you will learn how to stop a relapse before it happens, what to do if the client is in relapse mode (what that means) and how to break the cycle. 

Ideal for addictions counselors, sober coaches, recovery coaches, family coaches, and mental health caseworkers. Also eligible for CEU, CME, and CE. 


ethics training online

Ethics Training

Ethics is required each year for counselors to renew their licenses and certifications. This course is valid for 6 continuing education units (CEU, CME or CE).  Can be purchased individually or as an unlimited package for a group of staff. 

addiction training

Methamphetamine Training

Methamphetamine Training covers how meth is made and distributed, the physical, legal, social, and emotional ramifications of the use of the drug, and more.  

This training is designed for addiction specialists, counselors, therapists, peer support workers, recovery coaches, techs, hospital workers, and front-line caregivers, along with first responders. Also eligible for CEU, CME, CE.

trauma coach training

Opiate Use Disorder Training

If you have ever wanted to know more about Opiate Use Disorder and addictions to drugs like heroin, morphine, codeine, oxycontin, oxycodone, Fentanyl, etc., this is the class for you. We will discuss medically assisted treatments like Suboxone, Methadone, and Vivitrol and how to safely taper and detox from opiates with both Acute and Post-Acute Withdrawal covered (PAWS).  Also, eligible for CEU, CME, and CE. 

adult train the trainer

Train The Trainer

If you feel called to teach others, we have a Train the Trainer program for you to offer our classes to others, live and online.  We provide all the resources and back-end work, all you need to do is fill your classes and teach!  Offered in select cities, please fill out the online application. 

marketing team training

Marketing and Business Mentorship

You can be the best coach, counselor, or therapist, but if you do not know how to market your private practice and services, you will struggle to fill your book of clients. Join our 7-hour marketing class OR our Private Business mentorship and cover hard goods marketing, networking, word-of-mouth referral systems, paid advertisements, social media marketing (how to post, where and when for the best return), and more. Includes a FREE Directory Listing and Bonus Content.  Inquire about how to add this as a ‘Build your Business Bundle’ Package with our core courses. 

anger management

Anger Management Training for the Workplace

If your workplace suffers from bullying, anger outbursts, issues among staff, or spills over into your customer service team, this training is necessary for the workplace. We offer it by video self-study for an individual staff member, live online for a group, or even live at your location for your entire team. Stop losing revenue because your staff has issues among the ranks.