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Trauma Coaching Certification

trauma coaching certification training

Trauma Coaching Certification

Why a Life Coach Should obtain a Trauma Coaching Certification

Trauma is prevalent in our world today. Around 13 million Americans have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Many of these people are seeking help from life coaches in today’s world. So, if you’re a life coach, certifying in trauma coaching is a good idea. Let’s look at some of the reasons why.

Trauma Coaching Certification Will Add to Your Credibility as a Coach

While it’s true that anyone can become a life coach, you know that people are typically looking for certification. This is especially true for people who have undergone trauma.

When you have been through trauma in your life, you want someone who understands the sensitive issues that you may face. It’s a good idea for coaches to get certified in trauma so that they can be better informed about how it affects people who go through it.

So, when people are searching for a life coach, and they see that one is certified or trauma-informed, they will be more likely to choose that coach over a general life coach. People want to be heard and a Trauma Coaching Certification will enhance any life coach training.

Not only do a lot of people have PTSD, but many people have been through trauma and aren’t even aware that it affects them. If you get certified, you can learn to pinpoint the signs and symptoms that someone is having a trauma-related response, and you can better serve them.

Trauma Is Often the Root Cause of Other Mental Health Issues

Trauma is typically where mental health issues begin. So, for many people who have mental health issues or even people with addiction, you can usually dig into their history and find trauma somewhere that is unresolved.

So, if you learn how to help people overcome their trauma, you can get them through other mental health issues as well.

Often, trauma that is repressed or not appropriately handled will manifest in other ways in someone’s life.

So, someone may be struggling with codependency or self-esteem issues. Let’s assume you work with them and find out that they had a traumatic experience or two that they haven’t dealt with. If you are certified in trauma coaching, you can help them look at their trauma from a different perspective and help them walk through the healing process.

Now, once they realize that trauma was what was causing their codependent behaviors, they may be able to overcome the codependency as well.

So, it’s just a good idea to have trauma training so that when people have these types of issues manifested, you will be able to help them through it.

Helping People Face Their Trauma Is Very Rewarding, obtain a

Trauma Coaching Certification!

Trauma can be crippling to the people who have gone through it. Some people may not even be able to leave the house because they have so much fear or anxiety that stems from going through a traumatic experience. Just imagine that you are the person who gets to help this person overcome their trauma and fear of leaving the house. You will have forever changed their life for the better.

It will be such a rewarding experience when you can help someone who faces issues that are due to trauma.

Not to mention, you will also learn when you are not the right professional for them. If someone has gone through some deep traumatic wounds, your training will teach you when to refer them to a therapist instead of working with you.

Or maybe they can work with you both, but it’s essential to know the difference between helping people who have had trauma in their lives and someone needing a little bit more than you can provide.

Either way, you will feel so good when you can be a part of helping someone on their healing journey.

Take the Addiction Academy’s Trauma Coach Certification

Now that you know why it’s best to become trauma-certified to help your clients better, let’s discuss our certification course.

The Addictions Academy offers a certified trauma coach course that will go over everything that you need to know to be able to assist people who have been through trauma in their lives.

You’ll be able to learn how trauma affects the brain, when you should refer them to a higher level of care, and the necessary tools that you can teach them to overcome.

Take our accredited trauma coaching certification course today and become the preferred life coach for people with a history of trauma.

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