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Beachside RehabIf you own or run a treatment center, you probably struggle with keeping your beds full, getting clients in the front door and keeping them in the program for the duration of their stay. You know you have a stellar clinical program, great staff and can do great work, BUT you are not exactly hitting the mark you want to hit. We can help.

Dr. Cali Estes and her team have been working in the mental health and addictions industry for a very long time (most of her faculty have 20 years plus each) and they have developed training programs and platforms that fit the needs they saw in the treatment settings that were lacking.  Here are some of the classes they can help you and your staff increase your client base, increase retention, and increase ROI

Admissions Call Center Training (close more leads to clients).

AMA/APA Block Training (keep clients in treatment and stop the from leaving early).

Business Outreach and Marketer/Developer Training (get your staff to bring in more qualified leads).

Utilization Review Training (bring billing in house or get better at codding/billables.

Billing and Collections Training (learn how to get a higher billable and collect on unpaid claims).

In addition we can train your aftercare team (we trained Sierra Tucson on their recovery coach 360 platform and several other centers have utilized our training to set up aftercare and recovery coaching programs. We can also train your staff in intervention and more.

We can also run forensic audits, help with JCAHO and CARF and more. Call today for rates and to see how we can assist you!

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