TV Shows Are Giving Us A Bigger Dose Of Our 2020 Reality

Psychotherapist, Brain Health Expert, and faculty at The Addictions Academy, Teralyn Sell, Ph.D. is featured in this article in HuffPost about how watching television shows can impact your emotional health During COVID-19. You can join Dr. Teralyn at the Brain Health Recovery Coach class to learn how to support the health of your client’s brain during the addiction recovery process.  Dr. Teralyn also works with individual clients on brain health.

As we search to find entertainment at home, television producers have begun to create shows that are unfolding the crisis of the pandemic almost in real-time.  So much so that we are left to wonder if it is healthy to continuously re-live the stress and trauma around the pandemic almost daily while watching television.

What we know is that many people across the globe have been struggling emotionally with the constant loss, grief, and even trauma that the pandemic has created.  But, it is important to understand how the replaying of this trauma can impact mental health on a more substantial scale.

For the most part, television shows can provide a much-needed escape from reality.  You sit down in front of another ‘person’s’ life and can momentarily wash away your own troubles of the day.  However, something has changed within Hollywood and now we are peering in on our own lives, in a surreal sort of way which could lead to a re-traumatization of what is really happening or even a sense of hypervigilance repeating our own traumas. Read more.