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Unhealthy Relationship With Food


Unhealthy Relationship with Food

Ask the Expert:  “I think I may have an issue with food.  I over eat, binge eat, when I am stressed or upset.  Then I feel sick for days and refuse to eat.  Sometimes I workout or use laxatives to drop the weight quickly.  Do you think I have an issue with food and can you help me?”

Answer:  Cali Estes says, ”You seem to have an unhealthy relationship with food.  You are binge eating and then punishing yourself because you over ate.  This is very unhealthy.  I recommend you speak to an Eating Disorder Specialist or a food addictions coach.  Get to the bottom of why you are ‘stuffing’ your feelings down with food.  You need to get to the core of why you are doing these behaviors and process these emotions.   You can then learn more positive coping skills and ways to handle the issues that are upsetting you.  We can assist you with that as well.”

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