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What Exactly Does A Recovery Coach Do With Their Clients Suffering From Drug And Alcohol Addiction?


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What exactly does a recovery coach do with their clients suffering from drug and alcohol addiction?
A Certified Recovery Coach offers a form of strength-based support that includes intensive work within these areas: Accountability, Behavioral Change, Action Planning, Family Relationships, Coping Skills, Triggers, Purpose and Passion, Job and Career, Financial and more. The emphasis is on the client learning how to be productive and handle different aspects of life that might be damaged by their addiction.
As a Recovery Coach candidate in The Addictions Academy’s program you will learn the necessary tools to become a Recovery Coach and walk away with over 45 exercises from our Best selling workbook to facilitate change within a short window. Have you battled through the cycle of addiction and made it out alive to a clean and sober life? So what now? You could go right back to life as you knew it, or you could start a brand new life in helping others who are struggling with addiction as we speak. You could join us here at The Addictions Academy to start your career in Recovery Coaching.
What separates our program from others you ask? We have 10 weeks of clinical supervision to cover all cases and assist you with any clients you are working with. In Recovery Coach Level II, which we are the only company to offer this, we cover mental health, the DSM, and Big Pharma so you understand the mental health side of addiction.
We have a 2-day immersion class by virtual classroom so you can stay in the comfort of your home while getting certified. We include our ethics class and ALL exams, manuals and credentials included! Don’t forget to click on our web link above to watch the hundreds of testimonial videos of those who have taken our classes and enhanced their lives!!
 to view our calendar of courses and register for a class!  Call us to get started today!  1.800.706.0318


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