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What Happens when you Turn Recovery Coaches Loose Without the PROPER Training?

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What happens when you turn recovery coaches loose without the PROPER training? Certified Peer Support Specialist training is rampant, including sending coaches into hospitals at 3 am with zero crisis training.  They are told to take clients in their cars, charge little to no money for services and there is no ongoing supervision.
Peer advocate training and no training seem to be the new norm BUT there is NO supervision in the programs and drug and alcohol counselors are left to manage these coaches in the day-to-day activities, not having a clue what a coach is supposed to actually do.
Was this man trained in both levels of professional recovery coaching? and ethics? did he get 10 weeks of clinical coach supervision?  What addictions certificate does he have?
This is exactly why I created The Addictions Academy. The gold standard in coaching training. See more on the recovery coach in question below, and to get the most comprehensive training on the market call us 1.800.706.0318 ext 2 THE ADDICTIONS ACADEMY
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