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What if Doctors Started Prescribing More Produce and Less Pills?

pillsWhat if people could not only save billions on healthcare, but could actually feel better?  The idea behind the article below is that maybe, just maybe, there is something to eating a diet filled with real, wholesome foods, packed with the nutrients our bodies need, instead of masking symptoms with one more pill.  Often, physical symptoms that the drugs are trying to alleviate are the body’s cry for help due to a lack of nutrients that it needs to operate properly.  We use and abuse drugs and alcohol, eat junk “food” filled with chemicals, and then wonder at the end of day why we are in pain!

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“Prescribing” fruits and veggies would save $100 billion in medical costs


Researchers at Tufts University made the case that subsidized fruits and vegetables could prevent millions of cases of chronic diseases.


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