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What is a Teen Motivation Coach?

teen motivation coach

What is a Teen Motivation Coach?

Youth nowadays is different from what many may have known it as before. Depression, anxiety, loss of identity, self-loathing, suicide – these are factors that we never really had to deal with, yet today’s children are forced to confront them at astronomical rates due to the rapid popularization of social media and the internet. These negative influences may inevitably lead to dark coping mechanisms, whether it be a sheltered lifestyle, risky behavior, or –  yes – even addictive behavior like drinking or taking drugs.

The Addictions Academy page about Adolescent Addiction and Motivation Coaching adds more to this, saying:

“If you heard the terms Helicopter Parenting, Snowplow Parenting, or even Lawnmower Parenting, you would understand that these parenting styles have risen out of the ‘the leave no child behind’ educational concept, and no one gets cut from the cheer squad or football team. These kids do not learn from failure and are accustomed to their parents making everything Ok for them.  They expect to work for high pay and limited hours, and do little to no work with no training skill set.  The parents are not sure what to do and end up labeling the teen or young adult as ‘lazy’.  Some of the parents not only provide lodging and pay their son/daughter’s rent, their car payment and provide spending money but they also come over and clean, cook, and do all the laundry. The teen never finds a purpose in life and may become bored, turn to risky behaviors (like drugs, alcohol, cutting, and sex), or become depressed and lethargic, even suicidal.   “

So, with this problem in mind, there’s a direct solution available: Adolescent Coaching. Rather than allowing drugs or alcohol to set the punishment for your children, a coach may be able to take that role. As a coach you would uncover a client’s hidden talents, create an action plan, and learn how to create and set boundaries, expectations, and follow-through.

How to Become an Adolescent Addiction and Motivation Coach

Becoming a coach in this field isn’t difficult! However, there are right ways to do things and wrong ways. For one, jumping straight in without knowing how to do things is a major bad move. Not only are you setting yourself up for failure, but you’re setting up your client as well. It may feel tempting for jobs like these to believe that common sense and emotional intelligence will be enough to do the job, but there are so many nuances and techniques that are vital to ensuring a client leaves happy and not pushed away.

Certification is the fastest and most effective way of making sure you as a coach are 100% prepared for the job and have a badge to prove it, which you can post anywhere you’d like as a sign to trust you. The Addictions Academy course especially is a no-brainer in terms of value and content. The course goes over all aspects necessary, like how to coach a client, the core competencies set by the ICP, the differences between motivating a teen vs a young adult, all types of addiction, stuck points, and so much more. This list isn’t even scratching the surface of the amount available in this course.

Why You Should Be a Certified Adolescent Addiction and Motivation Coach

Becoming an adolescent addiction and teen motivation coach is taking a step forward in securing a future for young people. Some may hear the description of the client and hesitate, but rest assured that each action is taken for betterment. No one is taking away any passions or hobbies, just pointing people in the right direction.

Building independence in a growing teenager is the best possible gift you can give them, especially if it seems like they can’t find it in themselves to do it either. This method is not only safe, but it doesn’t rely on “handholding”, instead simply giving each client the tools to succeed and allowing them to do so on their own terms. If that sounds right up your alley, this job may be for you!

How much does a Certified Adolescent Addiction and Motivation Coach make?

­­The salary for this position and similar ones according to ZipRecruiter is anywhere between $45,000 a year to an astronomical $117,000 a year. According to Indeed, that number may be closer to around $50,000, but overall the position is a comfortable one in terms of salary. However, it should be noted that every listing researched has had certification listed as a must or a highly-recommended detail on one’s resume.


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