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What is an Addiction?

We hear the word “addiction” tossed around left and right, and sometimes it can feel like it just doesn’t suit a certain situation. How can we tell the difference between a habit and addiction? Does liking a drink every now and then mean you’re addicted to alcohol? When is a certain amount of something enough to qualify as an addiction? What is an addiction?

Well, put simply, addiction is when one has a mindset or desire to use or abuse a substance of choice and struggles to resist their impulses to engage in that behavior. It’s the product of various chemicals in one’s brain interacting with certain situations, genetics, and their environment. The word is often associated with alcohol and drug usage, but addiction can apply to anything. Food, technology, gaming, shopping –they’re all addictive in their own ways. If you couldn’t resist buying just one more thing at the mall, or couldn’t help but finish that bag of chips, or heck, just wanted one more hour on that video game: that’s classified as addiction! If you can’t bring yourself to break away from these tendencies, that’s addicted behavior.

This isn’t to say it’s at all the fault of those who engage in that behavior or that they should feel bad – the opposite, in fact. Stores, video games, and even the food we eat, they’re designed to get you addicted. If you feel that you or a friend may be addicted to something and are looking for a serious change, Sober on Demand and The Addictions Coach are great alternatives to traditional drug treatment that may be able to help.

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