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What is Executive Burnout?

executive burnout

What is Executive Burnout?

Are you an executive or business professional that’s running on empty? Maybe you find yourself increasingly more tired, or you’re running around trying to get things done but to no avail? Maybe – just maybe – you’ve reached a point where you dread the upcoming workday more often than you’d like? Well, those are some abundantly clear indicators that you might be victim to executive burnout. This isn’t unordinary by any means; being in a high-level position comes with a lot of responsibility, and with responsibility comes stress which wears down too many too quickly.

A survey conducted by Verizon Media and the mental health nonprofit Made of Millions that an astonishing 66% of bosses and executives polled felt burnout in the past year, with an even larger percent feeling overwhelmed by their management duties at 76%! That’s over half of the poll participants!

While it may feel like some sort of inevitable burden that you’ll just have to endure, there are actually some ways to combat the feeling and really get back on track. Not just a latte and a hot tub soak mind you, but an actual break from your daily routine and the grind that comes with that routine. This is where an executive coach would come in.

If you’re feeling wary of the idea or just don’t know what an executive coach is, that’s alright! An executive coach can be best described as a filter for the daily chaos that life can bring. If there are too many tasks being tackled at once, if there’s too much stress to just bottle up and you need to let it out, if you need someone to help you clear your head and pull you back to clarity: that’s the role of an executive coach.

You’re only human and it’s only natural to have your limits, even when in higher positions. We can offer encouragement and assistance to help you trim the fat off your professional and personal life to streamline efficiency in everyday tasks and everyday thinking.

This isn’t a strictly selfish undertaking either, as not only could the coaching bring plenty of benefit to yourself, but the effects could span to coworkers or even the rest of the organization. Learning about new ways to approach certain issues, stress management, task management, coping mechanisms, and striving for success; can be downright infectious, especially if the executive in question decides to share some of what they learned.

Even if not intentional, the impact can be felt by other employees. Fresh approaches, level-headedness, and clear goals, it all lends more opportunities to trust you and have confidence in your decisions, then one day follow your example.

There’s some evidence to put towards the inevitable success of those who hire executive coaches as well. According to the International Coaching Federation,

“86% of organizations saw an ROI [Return on Investment] on their Coaching engagements, and 96% of those who had an executive coach said they would repeat the process again. Behind these results were tangible as well as intangible factors.

Tangible factors were areas such as increased productivity, higher levels of overall employee performance, reduced costs, growth in revenue and sales, higher employee retention, and higher engagement of employees.”

The truth is in the numbers and the numbers say that executive coaching has a great chance of helping anyone succeed not only in work but in life. Your mental health and success are of high priority for us.

So If you feel exhausted, tired, and downright burn out, give us a call at 786.709.0479 because “every good coach needs a coach.

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