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What is the recovery coach?

What is the recovery coach?

A recovery coach is a trained individual in the art of coaching and addiction. A recovery coach is not a counselor, sponsor, or licensed professional. A recovery coach will be certified and trained in the 11 core competencies of coaching, active listening versus passive listening, life skills, coping mechanisms, and how to properly assist client in getting and staying sober. A recovery coach is not a placement advocate, or a marketer, or a business development professional. This means they are not responsible to put people into treatment contrary to popular belief.

A recovery coach can work in the treatment industry, private practice, in a social work setting or even in the mental health sector. The term recovery coach has been around since the 1970s when Aerosmith went on tour and no one could seem to get them to stay sober. Most recovery coaches are very successful in private practice because one in five people has an addiction. A offshoot of recovery coaching is the family recovery coach that also assist the family in helping to get the assistance that they need while their loved one is in treatment.

There are many different training programs for recovery coaches, but The Addictions Academy is the only program that offers two levels of training, level I and level II. Both levels are comprehensive and include al the basics of coaching plus the DSM, mental health and what drugs are offered for mental health issues.

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