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Who is The Addictions Academy?

The Addictions Academy


Who is The Addictions Academy?

The Addictions Academy, for those unfamiliar, is a sister company to The Addictions Coach. Now, who is the Addictions Coach? Well, by name, that would be Cali Estes. However, in this circumstance, The Addictions Coach is also an organization run by Cali that provides recovery coaching, sober companions, and private retreats to clients.

So, who’s Cali Estes? Well, with a title like “The Addictions Coach” she has to be a big deal right? Right! She’s a highly acclaimed celebrity addictions coach, counselor, life coach, transformational coach, and wellness guru who’s been called “The Female Dr. Drew.” She runs The Addictions Coach and The Addictions Academy and also hosts the lessons provided by the academy.

What The Addictions Academy Can Do For You

The key to success in the realm of coaching is expertise. Now, there may be a few options out there for training and certification, but if you wanted the biggest bang for your buck, The Addictions Academy is hard to beat. With over 40,000 students trained in 28 countries, they’ve already got a massive scale operation with a paved path towards success.

Who is The Addictions Academy?

The Courses

Those lessons are crazy value for the amount of content they provide, as well. For example, let’s take the Recovery Coach Certification Course. There’s the initial video series I and II, both ten hours in length. Then there’s the ethics course, which rounds up to around 6 hours, 10 weeks of call-in and online coaching mentorship with a master coach, all manuals for the course, all three necessary exams, all three credentials, a workbook, the FB networking and Graduate group, their job board, seals, a directory listing, referrals, and eligibility to join the Addictions Academy and The Addictions Coach. All of this, flat out, would be valued at nearly six thousand dollars. Cali’s deal is 600% less than that, at a staggering $999. This is, again, an absurd amount of value!

Just to reiterate what you’re getting here: with this course, you’ve got the necessary training and certification, time, and experience built into the actual course, free reading material, a networking platform, a job board, and a direct hub into the Addictions Academy or Coach network! This is incredible. There are no prerequisites, you can do it from your home without having to come to an actual classroom, either in self-study or in a virtual classroom, and it’s all guaranteed bountiful knowledge. Coping skills, life skills, listening skills, pharmacology, nutrition, information on defense mechanisms, legal and ethical issues, goal setting, and planning, it’s all there.

The Addictions Academy follows the International Coach Federation (ICF) 11 Core Competencies of Coaching and is CCE accredited. Their goal is to teach each and every person how to handle clients that are looking for help from drug addiction and alcohol addiction. They offer the tools and paths to utilizing breakthrough and revolutionary approaches to psychology and drug addiction treatment. Rather than the traditional rehab experience, The Addictions Academy and The Addictions Coach offer opportunities to help engage the client in alternative means.

If you wanted to give the Addictions Academy a shot, there are a few methods of doing so. First and foremost, know that they don’t only offer recovery coaching certification. There’s trauma coach certification, life coach certification, interventionist certification, teen motivation, harm reduction, it’s all there! Their website is Theaddictionsacademy.com, and this is where all their courses are hosted. As was mentioned earlier, it’s an online format, either self-study or hosted by a Master Addiction Coach (or even Cali herself) in a virtual classroom. You can call at 1.800.706.0318 ext. 2, or even reach out on their website using their guide near the bottom of the page. The Addictions Academy is a fierce competitor in the coaching scene with astounding reach. It couldn’t be recommended enough!


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