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Why A New Year’s Resolution to Diet NEVER Works!

Why A New Year’s Resolution to Diet NEVER Works!

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And so it is January. The new year’s resolution you set in place to eat better, lose weight, exercise and be the best you in 2020! How is going? Have you given up yet? Failed at that DIET? (Did you know the word DIE is in DIEt? Who wants to DIE? How about a lifestyle change and tackling your eating issues and food addiction? How about doing with it with less effort, fewer restrictions and not only mental health, emotional health but a CHEMICAL health solution?

Diets are all restriction-based. DO NOT eat this, but you still don’t feel better and you gain the weight back. You are probably addicted and overloaded with sugar and junk food. Both of these hijack the brain and release a lot of serotonin and dopamine into your brain to make you feel happy.  You NEED to address these missing chemicals in your brain. Getting your food addiction under control is MORE then diet, exercise and going to an Overeaters Anonymous meeting to ‘tough it out’. I know, I was a food addict.
So what about the Juice fast craze? Well, JUICING is pure sugar!  This DOES NOT help a food addict, and intermittent fasting is pure garbage. Your body tells you it is hungry so you gulp down large amounts of sugar juice or starve it. Who comes up with this nonsense? Seriously, a food addict will be fully TRIGGERED by these events.  Let us help you.
Check out how we can help you emotionally, mentally and chemically get your food addiction under control and SUCCEED in your weight and size goals.
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