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Why Do I Need a Nutritional Coach?

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Why Do I Need a Nutritional Coach?


Nutritional coaches! You probably haven’t heard of them, so your first question may be “If I haven’t heard of it before, why would I need it?” That’s a completely valid sentiment! However, the value lies in addressing an issue that not only affects a gigantic segment of the population but is considered a “sneak attack” on recovery addicts.

A nutritional coach, according to Cali Estes and The Addictions Academy is a person trained to “teach you how to eat properly, provide your body with the correct nutrients and heal your body from the inside out. Therapy and talk coaching are only part of the process. [Coaches] will identify key basic nutrition elements that will be the building blocks to proper eating. “

Essentially, nutritional coaches help clients improve their diet and relationship with food. If you’ve ever felt as though your eating habits are out of your control, diets and “miracle solutions” don’t ever pan out, or you want to be healthier and just don’t know how a nutrition coach may be perfect for you! Heck, even becoming a nutrition coach through the Addiction Academy website can help you learn, and teach your loved ones!

This leads to the point brought up earlier – nutrition coaching helps recovering addicts. Often when on the journey towards betterment, some pursue their goal but lose track of other aspects of their lives. They may be more closed off, may take lesser care of their mental health, and most relevantly, rely on other crutches to get by. While they may be avoiding drugs or alcohol, they might rely on junk food or soda to get energy. This is obviously a poor solution! Nutrition coaches are trained to help recovering addicts as well as the general populace to find more fulfilling foods emotionally and physically!

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