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Why do I Need a Sober Companion?

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Why do I Need a Sober Companion?


Sobriety comes with countless numbers of methods to maintain it, whether it be rehab, sober coaching, or personal methods. However, with each of these solutions – while valuable – comes an unavoidable caveat: the inability to follow you on the move. If you’re out and about and suddenly find yourself surrounded by your substance of choice, it’s a tough spot. You can’t schedule an appointment on the spot, and getting a consultation is difficult. That’s where sober companions can come in.

A sober companion is an individual trained to accompany clients on trips or outings and ensure they stay sober. Helping them ignore their vices, helping them remember the core tenants of their sober lifestyle, and keeping them accountable. They wouldn’t hold your hand or baby you, but they would ensure your safety.

That leads to the question at hand: Why would someone need a sober companion? Put simply, it’s better to be safe than sorry. A sober companion wouldn’t go out of their way to actively ruin a trip or intrude in the slightest, just keep a watchful eye over your exposure to harmful substances. This is especially helpful for people who go on frequent trips either for work or leisure, people who travel in general, or people who find themselves often tempted to indulge in their vices dependent on their environment.

Sober companions aren’t meant to be an instantaneous cure or anything like that, but they act as the grease in the wheels toward becoming or staying sober. When used in tandem with therapy or sober coaching, it makes for a powerful combo that keeps clients on track and following life goals that lead to overall betterment.

If any of this interests you, there’s plenty of information on sober companions and other alternatives to traditional drug treatment methods on the Addiction Coach and Addiction Academy websites!

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