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Why do I Need an Internet Addiction Coach?

Technology is a part of our everyday lives, whether we like it or not. It’s had its objective and undeniable upsides, so it can be hard for many people to imagine treating it like a bad thing. Though, it can be! Internet addiction is unfortunately very real, and very common. If you’ve ever found yourself “doom scrolling” for hours on end, ignoring responsibilities to play some video games, catching Amazon’s Deal of The Day every single day, or hooked to Facebook or Instagram in anticipation of those likes and follows, those are symptoms of addiction!

An Internet Addiction Coach is a person who can help you establish a healthier relationship with the internet and help you escape its addictive grasp. They wouldn’t sever your connection with the online world completely, nor advise you to do so, as it can be necessary to utilize an online space for certain work or keeping in contact with loved ones, but it’s a matter of being able to say no to your phone and computer! This can be identified in others as well, even though the form of addiction to pornography or online gambling, with both having surged in popularity compared to their physical counterparts with the popularization of the internet.

If you fear you or a loved one may have an unhealthy relationship with the internet and want to disconnect, there are some incredibly helpful resources you can reach out to! The Addiction Coach hosts some excellent Internet Addiction Coaches that are fully trained, certified, and experienced in the field, and The Addiction Academy can train people who may want to be an internet addiction coach in the future! Both are founded by an expert in all things addiction Cali Estes, and are leading hubs in all things addiction treatment alternatives!

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