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Why You Should Become a Sober Companion

The Addictions Academy offers some of the best courses in the world and can train just about anyone to become the next top sober companion or sober coach. However, that leaves just one question for anyone curious about the course: Why?

Well, there are a few reasons we’ll be going over later, but they can be boiled down to three general subjects: Community, stability, and opportunity. These are three aspects of one’s career that are not only met by this path but in general, should be looked after in any job. How does it affect the community? Is it financially stable? Can I grow in this position, or will opportunities plateau?

However, before we get into it, to clear any misconception, a sober companion is – as defined by Sober on Demand – an individual that has 5 years of sobriety and is bonded, insured, and certified. They can live in your residence but mostly accompany clients to events, work, gym, outings, meetings, and more to help them stay sober and avoid possible triggers. They’re not babysitters, and they’ll only provide as much help as is requested. They usually work in tandem with an addictions coach, with the coach making the plan and the companion helping the client follow through.


Sober companions aren’t quite in the public lexicon yet, but they’re getting there. It would be up to you and many others to help familiarize the general populace with sober companions and their roles in alternative addiction treatment. Why? For one, that lack of knowledge is a problem. People can’t get help if they don’t know the help is there, and there are plenty of reasons they wouldn’t believe they could get any help in the first place. If they can’t reach a rehab center, or maybe they can’t really fit it into their lifestyle yet all they know is that rehab is the only solution, and that may exacerbate the problem.

Not only that but even without an addictions coach to kickstart the process, finding a sober companion is astoundingly easy and the only issue now is filling in some spaces where it may be harder to come by. Being the first name to pop up when someone searches “Sober Companion LA” is a dream for many on both ends, as not only are you getting work, but you may be able to provide service to someone who just couldn’t get help beforehand.


The stability of the career is also a major factor. Sober companions are highly coveted currently and the salary reflects that! There are a few factors affecting salary to keep in mind, such as location, independence vs working in an organization, and differing titles offering differing compensation.

According to ZipRecruiter, salary can range anywhere between $34,613 a year to around $62,500. Higher-paying areas include California, Wyoming, and New York, but these statistics are based on independent contract work. Let’s look at The Addictions Coach for reference on an organization-based payout. TAD reported an hourly salary within the company of around $125, with some bonus payouts mixed in. It’s important to note that not all organizations may have these rates, so be sure to do plenty of research!


Finally comes the aspect of opportunity. It’s nice to have a solid steady income and a community you’re helping, but what does it matter if the field won’t stick around, right? Wrong! Not only are sober companions in high demand, but that demand is only getting higher. It’s a blossoming industry quickly rising in popularity, and it may come down to jumping onto the rocket before it soars out of your reach.

There’s no downside to becoming a sober companion. If you’re able, willing, and eager, it’s highly recommended that you reach out to Cali Estes and The Addictions Coach team for more information on how to get started or go to The Addictions Academy directly.