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Would you like more freedom, more income, and to help others in the process?



Would you like more freedom, more income, and to help others in the process? If so our 3-DAY Master Class LIVE in MIAMI, Florida (or watch at home in your pajamas) is exactly what you are looking for!

Our classes will teach you both the art of Intervention and Recovery Coaching to help others combat their own demons. Learn how to execute a proper intervention, how to align with the treatment center, and how to help a client stay clean for aftercare.

Are you ready to turn your passion into a career where you can help others, love what you do and ACTUALLY make a difference in people’s lives? Click the link below to see what is included!! Click HERE

We are INTERNATIONALLY ACCREDITED With over 10,000 people trained in 25 countries, and with 30 faculty members and 20 plus classes, we can help you achieve your dreams and passions. We love what we do and you will too!

What we can offer you:
✔ Recovery Coach I Certification LIVE
✔ Recovery Coach II Certification Self Study
✔ Ethics and Legal Bundle Class
✔ Intervention Professional Certification LIVE
✔ Case Management Certification
✔ Two Private networking Groups
✔ 20 weeks of clinical supervision
✔ Copy of our Forms and Contracts Book
✔ Directory Listing

We also have Marketing and Business Development classes and how to create an authority brand and position yourself to fill your book of clients.

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