Student and Rehab Center Reviews

James Sweasy

Brian Kendrick

Dr. Cali Estes teaching Advanced Clinical Intervention Professional training in Miami Florida.

Dr. Cali,
Thank you so much for the class. It was informative and a lot of fun. It was an honor learning from someone as successful as yourself, and I will definitely be signing up for more courses as I can afford them! I wish you all the best and much baklava!

Brian C Morel, Bachelor of Science – Intern
PTSD Group Facilitator, Military Transition Specialist, Substance Abuse Consultant, Nationally Certified Intervention Professional

Hi Cali,
Thank you for the valuable training today. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while with you.


Dr. Cali Estes is an incredibly knowledgeable and resourceful woman that can get any job done. Her straight forward approach gets directly to the problem at hand and addresses it head on quickly and effectively. Cali’s knowledge and modalities in the field of addiction are endless. She has a multi-facet all-encompassing approach to her coaching style that can cater to anyone or any type of addiction. She also has an incredible school for teaching others what she knows. I have attended many of her Addictions academy courses and I was blown away by the amount of information she had available on each subject. She carefully went over every aspect of the given certification and gave us every tool possible to become successful in that field. Her classes have been the best course certification classes I’ve ever taken thus far. It was the best decision I ever made in my career to give me the tools and resources I needed to be successful. Not only did she teach me, but afterward she hired me to take on clients in my local area, mentoring me every step of the way. I couldn’t have learned from a better mentor and modeled a more knowledgeable addictions specialist. I am so thankful for everything I’ve learned from Dr. Cali Estes. I couldn’t recommend anyone as a person, coach, teacher, or mentor more highly then I do Dr. Cali. She has changed my life for the best and I’ll always be grateful for everything that she has done for me.

Kevin Parker,
True Warrior Success. Addiction Specialist

Cali Estes, her mentoring style and professional training are a major component to the success of my thriving coaching practice. I have been working with Cali since 2015 and I honestly refer her programs at The Addictions Academy to anyone that asks me how they can get started in the business. In fact, I send coaches to train with Cali and her team before they can be considered as a potential coach within my practice. If you would like a personal review or more information about what to expect feel free to contact me directly at (805)710-2513.

Tricia Parido, Turning Leaves
Master Coach, Program Director

Cali Estes is a dynamic, informed, and energetic instructor who knows her stuff. Rarely am I engaged by a speaker or instructor, but Cali had me sitting on the edge of my seat for two full days of recovery coach training. I also took 26 pages of notes! The class was interactive, included homework, and created a community of individuals previously not connected. Thank you Cali for setting the bar for industry-specific training!

:) Jean Krisle, Founder 10,000 Beds, Inc.

“Dr Cali Estes was a joy to have at our center in PA for AMA/APA block training and it was fabulous. We received a lot of amazing feedback from our staff and loved the breakout sessions”

Sinead Clinical Director of Just Believe Recovery

Hi Cali, this is Amy I was just in your admissions conference training. You are awesome and I know that future practice, with your guidance is going to be amazingly valuable!!.
Hi Cali, this is Amy I was just in your admissions conference training. You are awesome and I know that future practice, with your guidance is going to be amazingly valuable!!.

Landmark Recovery Center

The course was excellent – Andre was a masterful facilitator – he was able to steer all of us who had a lot of knowledge on recovery, into new and unfamiliar territories. His gentle and kind direction allowed us to explore recovery in new and exciting ways. I’m still amazed how Andre managed to make ten hours at a computer screen, engaging, interactive and informative. He is a Recovery Coach and facilitator with much knowledge that needs to be shared with the world. Thank you. Dr, Valerie Mason-John M.A (hon.doc) author of the twice award-winning book, Eight Step Recovery – Using The Buddha’s Teachings to Overcome Addiction, and Detox Your Heart – Meditations for Emotional Trauma.

Valerie Quintanilla

I’ve enjoyed the training and look forward to working with those that are in need of help through the recovery process. Thanks to both you  (Stephen) and Dr. Estes through this experience!

Desiree Thomas M.A. LPC
Christian County Health Department

We have used Cali for the past two years for our NCRC1 and this past week she came to our center to trained our staff on the AMA/APA blocking! She has given us the ability to create a new program of our Recovery Coaching in RTC. This has given us the ability to keep track of our patients while in RTC, but also when the leave. We have seen great success with this program.

The AMA training from our staff all relayed how beneficial this training has been. Gave them tools and a different perspective on how to handle many different situations.

I would highly recommend her training, and insight for my program. It’s a model that has helped us, and will continue to help us grow and ultimately help our clients!

Clint Tolman
Executive Director

Matt Bradley
Matt Bradley, Star of Deadliest Catch said “I thought the class (Intervention) was very informative. Dr. Cali ‘s approach to the addict and the families and her years of experience taught me skill sets I will be able to use for years to come. Looking forward to taking more courses”

Kevin Parker

Just Believe Recovery
Big class at Just Believe Recovery

Dr Cali Estes is an educational powerhouse! Now, put it all into practice and watch your world blossom! Allen Schwartz

Thank you Dr. Cali Estes for a fun training!! Renee Fitz

Online private training for Intervention for All In recovery with the famous Matt Bradley of Deadliest Catch, James Sweasy, and more!

This training was so badass.
Being Trained by Dr. Cali Estes with my team Brian Kendrick Live James Sweasy Live Justin Broughton Matt Bradley Live Philchalmerstv

Marty Norma, All in Recovery

Thank you for the Certified Interventionist training. I also wanted to thank you for taking the extra time to answer all of our questions and helping us to understand all of the different obstacles and cases that we may run into in the future.

Your course was a huge help and your energy is awesome! We look forward to working with you again in the future.

Thanks again,

Justin Broughton
Regional Director of Outreach

Beachside Rehab
I attended a class with instructor Dr. Cali Estes from The Addictions Academy to become a Nationally Certified Interventionist. I typically do not do well with online classes, this one was different. I not only found it very helpful and educational but Cali was entertaining as well! She kept our class focused with a lot of interaction. I am looking forward to signing up for with more classes with her at The Addictions Academy!

Ken Fraser, Director Of Community Outreach for Beachside Rehab. Certified National Professional Interventionist.

Beachside Rehab
Training at Beachside Rehab!

Training today was live for Admissions Call Center with Dr. Cali Estes and it was on point, very informative, and effective. learning from Cali is always educational as well as entertaining. I lover her classes and I look forward to learning more from this awesome teacher!

I highly recommend Cr. Cali. She did a great job training our staff on answering phones. She helped increase our bottom line, plus everyone enjoyed the training. It’s a great investment. I personally signed up for her Interventionist class. I’m blessed to have 28 plus years continuous sobriety. I’ve been doing interventions for many years and was surprised how much I didn’t know. Dr. Cali taught me a lot!  Now I’m a certified interventionist.

Ken Fraser, Director Of Community Outreach for Beachside Rehab. Certified National Professional Interventionist.


Now that the holiday season is over and I fulfilled my seasonal job commitment, I am FINALLY in business starting tomorrow!
Over the past couple of weeks, I have made the rounds introducing myself to various treatment centers. I registered my company with the state, set up a bank account, etc. My website is up and running but still a work in process, I will get the other social marketing outlets into the mix today.
And the best news…I have my 1st client starting tomorrow!
I am so glad I went through TAA and received your teaching. This is going to be good!
Thanks for everything to come…

Hi Cali!

Thank you for calling me this morning!
As I was telling you, I work on many cases involving child visitation due to a parents alcoholism/drug addiction. I am truly grateful that I chose the Addictions Academy to further my education. I feel very confident when asked where I obtained my certification. Most judges or opposing council typically look it up, and I am never questioned and rarely cross-examined about my knowledge due to the stellar reputation of your programs!
Jenny Edelman

Noele Kostelic

The Addiction Academy class was very informative & will definitely help me be more successful doing interventions.
I’ve been doing interventions for 27 years. I was amazed at how much I didn’t know. The Addiction Academy class was very informative & will definitely help me be more successful doing interventions.

Dr Cali made it interesting & captures your attention to help you learn. It was not boring or dull as some on line classes can be! Beachside Rehab is pleased to now have their own in house Interventionist.

Ken Fraser Beachside Rehab

Review by Jesse Shelease Rittenhouse

“I took NCRC Level 1 webinar and Level 2 self paced with Dr. Cali Estes. I enjoyed every minute of the 2 day class and was sad when it was over. Dr. Cali is so down to earth and blunt that it seemed like I had known her for years. I felt very comfortable with her and my new network of recovery coaches. I have already landed myself a job with a treatment center.
: Jade Kenney

Good Afternoon Dr. Estes,

Congratulations on your newest offering of a  Nationally Certified Internet Addictions Coach Training (NCIAC)!!

I have been working in the field as an Internet Addiction Counsellor for the past 4 years having played a role in establishing Ontario Canada’s first Residential Treatment Program for Internet Addiction. I certainly appreciate that there is now a formal training option for Clinicians to consider. I am sure that the material will be of benefit to current and future Counsellors/Coaches. I have taken the liberty of sharing this information with my team and respective Communities of Practice, and will be sure to share via my social media outlets. Thank you for your leadership and commitment to best practices. I wish you and your team continued success. – Shawn

Shawn Rumble, BA, BEd, MES, CPGC, C.C.A.C., C.C.C.S. | Addiction/Mental Health Counsellor

Addiction Services of Thames Valley

Cali teaching at St. Joseph's Institute
” We have learned a lot at this training, I am glad you came out and we found you for our staff. You are doing a great job.” Guy Murray, CEO St. Joseph’s Institute

“Good morning. I want to take this opportunity first to Thank You for a great course and all the information covered both in the workshop and books. As I’ve said before, to you, I relate to your style since more based on a sales approach with a no-nonsense system, which is refreshing since everyone preaches easy does it and get your feelings out and pace yourself programs. You taught me that compassion can be used with an accountable firmer direction, for lasting results. ” Buddy Tanjala

“Hey Cali! Just wanted to say thanks again. The Tuesday case management stuff is so intriguing. This door that has been opened in my life is incredible. I just read something you commented on about how you were homeless once before!? Amazing. Thank you ❤️? ” Michael Gasparino

“I found class to be imperative to honing in skills taught by Cali in the live classes. We were able to discuss live case studies, get different viewpoints, and run over other areas we might have needed help with. The weekly meetings hold a safe place where everyone can come to to discuss what they need within the graduates of The Addictions Academy. ” Alexis Jonson, Author Beautiful Nightmare

Staff training for AMA/APA and Call Center training with staff at The Next Door in Tennessee.

I have heard nothing but positive things from yesterday. Thank YOU for the training. Sorry about the beginning – that was my face you saw when I turned the laptop around. There was a part of the GoToMeeting screen that was blocking your face. Then I couldn’t fix it and hurriedly turned the laptop back around. Just wanted to come clean about that. ?

I have heard nothing but positive things from yesterday. Thank YOU for the training!! The Next Door provides a continuum of evidence-based services for women and their families impacted by addiction, mental illness, trauma and/or incarceration with Christ-centered compassionate care.

Cali, I just wanted to thank you for being a powerful wealth of knowledge! I appreciated your guidance and experience! I spoke to Candy Finnagan yesterday, ( My A&E interventionist ) and explained the steps I was taking to get my certificate and she says I am on the right track! I am thrilled to have met you!!!
Thanks a million,
Kacy R. Hazen

Simply the best experience. Training and teachers are top notch. Cali Estes and her team are very professional. Anyone wanting to pursue your career in coaching I highly recommend The Addictions Academy. Hands down miles above the rest.

Fred Bay, Ohio

I’ve taken multiple courses from The Addictions Academy and I absolutely love them! The ability to do your courses from the comfort of your own home makes it so simple to take the course. Plus they were so supportive and helpful when I was dealing with the financially part of my classes they honestly do work with you.

Alicia Tomczak, Las Vegas

Thank you, everything I have today came from what I learned in your classes!

Patrick Kullman NCIP

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course so far. I never thought I’d have an interest in intervention however it has been very enlightening. I have appreciated you allowing me this opportunity. Thanks again.

Toby Nicholas, The Foundry Treatment Center in Steamboat Springs Colorado

‘Cali Recharges batteries, her training is awesome’ Eric Lapp, Ceo The Raleigh House of Hope, Arvada Colorado

“Amazing training on Harm Reduction and relapse prevention. Can not wait to have you back next month to teach another class.”

Rob Archuletta, Executive Director of Crossroads Turning Point

“Dr Cali Estes is a true professional who has the innate ability to connect with people and make them feel completely comfortable in their own skin. When dealing with pernicious Addictions her innocuous approach is simply magnificent. I highly recommend her and her amazing team.”

David M. Interventionist and Recovery Coach

“The class was awesome and I totally dig your vibe.  I’m only 1/2 Italian but I get you!!! Can’t wait to attend a live session! Thank you!”

Joe Cornicelli, Certified Recovery Coach

“The Addictions Academy freakin rocks!  I would recommend it to anyone that wants to pursue a career in this. Absolutely love it.”

Fred Bay,  Certified Life Coach

“Excellent Admissions Call center training with Cali”

Christine Parker

Marketing Director, New Vista Behavioral Health

Great three days of training- you pack it in and killed it!!
Thanks again for everything.”

Dave Marion, Certified Recovery Coach, and Certified Interventionist

“My crew for the last 3 days! Big props to Dr. Cali Estes for building a tip-top program and building her tremendous success from scratch.”

Robbie Shaw, Certified Interventionist and Certified Recovery Coach and owner of Everyday with Everybody.

Dr. Cali Estes holds training at Sierra Tucson.
Dear Cali,

Thank you again for a wonderful training this morning and yesterday. I would love to stay in touch with you and I look forward to participating in more of your courses! I would love to learn more about the motivational speaking and recovery/life coach process.


Courtney Martinez, MS
Alumni Coordinator

Sierra Tucson

The Addictions Academy training at Sierra Tucson.

The Addictions Academy training at Sierra Tucson.

“I thought the Family Recovery Coach class would be a breeze as I had experience working with so many populations dealing with substance abuse issues. I had interacted with people in active addiction, people in recovery, parents of children in active addiction and, sadly, children of parents who were addicted. I thought I had all of their perspectives and just needed the “stamp” of certification when I began the class with Katie. What I found out was that I could be a part of the problem and could make matters worse for families. I was an enabler because I had spent a lifetime being a fixer!
I grew up in a family with substance abuse and domestic violence issues and was the oldest of seven kids. Most of my waking moments were spent on hyper alert guard about anything that would trigger parental rage or substance use. My immediate response was always to fix the situation which often consisted of me helping siblings hide behaviors or getting them out of trouble. I then spent a lifetime trying to “fix” situations which gained me a great reputation in all of my career endeavors. I thought I knew it all and coaching others would be a breeze.

Imagine then, my shock and temporary humiliation at the silence from Katie and other classmates at the end of my role-playing with parents who were trying to cope with their child’s addiction issues. Time after time, I realized I was not taking the role of helping parents move forward with their own lives but trying to make it better by helping them try to fix their own kids. Katie had to continually (but gently) remind me that the parent was the client that I was trying to “fix” the addict. It was an enormous paradigm shift for me to learn that the purpose might be to simply help the parents cope with the situation as it was and to not try to offer them ways to fix their child or offer them false hope. I realized the harm I could do by teaching the parents how to fix their child or the situation instead of being supportive and aware of their needs.
So I realized that the role of a Family Recovery Coach is to not teach them to be an enabler as I had been for so much of my life. I am sure I will need constant self-reminders as I transition from being a fixer to being a supportive coach. I am looking forward to the challenge.”

Dee Ryan, Family Coach

The Addictions Academy training at Crossroads Turning points, inc.

The Addictions Academy training at Crossroads Turning points, inc.
The intervention training was informative and practical. Interventions can be a very intimidating service, even the most experienced clinician may find themselves at a loss for words, Dr. Estes gave my team the confidence and skills they will need in real-life intervention scenarios. Dr. Estes was easy to work with and the training itself was actually a lot of fun. Thank you so much!

Rob Archuleta MS, CACIII Director of ICM and Offender Services.
Crossroads Turning Points, INC

“Thank you, Cali!  This was by far one of the best training I’ve been too. You made the whole experience enjoyable!!”
Lauren Marie, CAC, CASAC, CDP. MHP
Crossroads Turning Point.

“Class was fantastic. Very pleased to have learned Intervention with Dr Cali Estes”

Willie Stevenson

Excellent class! Boris is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to interact with!

Robert Prince

“I wanted to let you know about my new position as the 1st ever Implementation Manager at Landmark Recovery!!
The last time you came out to the facility you and I spoke about what my future could look like and I just wanted to let you know you were right! Thanks for all the help you gave me, I still hold the things you’ve taught me close and use those tools on a daily basis!!
Thanks your amazing!”
Patrick Kullman
Implementation Manager
Landmark Recovery
Cell: 502.443.2332

“I have to tell your training and supervision supersedes our other experience from another modality by leaps and bounds.”

Kelly Chambliss, Whole Families Intervention

“Dr. Cali is amazing.  The webinar I took with The Addictions Academy was fantastic.  It was very informative and made learning the course materials fun.  I would suggest anyone working in the field of substance abuse to take a class with Dr. Cali. ”

Louis Hrabar Jr. Director of Marketing
Harmony Hills

“I am amazed at not only what I learned from Dr. Cali’s class but the wealth of information and suggestions I’ve received are added benefits I didn’t expect. Thank you for opening doors/opportunities for me to explore.”

Pamela Jones

“You helped me complete my dream Cali best education and most informative schooling I ever received”

Mike Pack , F I Housing Supervisor.

“Freakin Fantastic!!! This my next step! I am so proud to have my certification from this great place! Thank you Cali Estes for providing The Addiction Academy to those of us who want to help others! ”

Karen Vied

Dr. Cali Estes speaking to a packed house at The Comedy Store to represent This is My Brave to bring awareness to mental health and addiction. November 7 2017.

“Today has been a blessed day. I was trained by one of the best in the Addiction Industry, Dr Cali Estes. I learned so much in this training and I am proud to say that I received my Interventionist Certification today. A lot of you all know my story and just how my life has been affected by addiction. I am a very transparent person and I have proudly shared my family’s struggles. I have asked for prayers as we struggled through our struggles. A year or so ago, I realized that there was a greater purpose in me. That was to help others who struggle with Mental Health and Addictions. Yelp, you guessed it… OUT OF MY PAIN AND MY PASSION, BIRTH MY PURPOSE. I know this is not a subject that people like to own but it is one that is very much apart of each and everyone of our lives. Instead of being ashamed I choose to get in the trenches and fight. If you or someone you know is struggling please reach out.
Thanks Dr. Cali Estes you have forever changed my life. You compassion for helping others is just what this industry needs. ”

I am so grateful and pleased with the training I received through the addictions academy. Cali and the growing team associated with the addictions academy have given me the tools necessary to continue to help people as I have been helped. The professionalism and guidance of the addictions academy is top notch and they hand over their years of experience and knowledge is a digestible and exciting way.

Avi T, Aventure Florida IMAC

Just wanted to tell you that I LOVE you’re teaching style (audio). You’re quick, know your sh*t and funny. Phew, I had no idea who or what I’d be listening to….hahaha. L.A. is my hometown, but lived in NYC and have the same pace, so I am very happy it’s you. I was worried I’d be totally bored, ha!

Reesa Mallen, Certified Recovery Coach

So honored to be trained by Cali Estes of The Addictions Academy as a NATIONALLY CERTIFIED INTERVENTION PROFESSIONAL and to bring a needed service to Rome Italy.
What an incredible enthusiastic fun dedicated group of professionals from ALL OVER THE WORLD changing lives and helping people recover from addictions and substance use disorders.

Love you all so much!
Evyan Donch, Interventionist, Italy

“I’m a certified interventionist from the best academy in America you need help or educated to practice in the field contact Cali Estes she is amazing!!!”

Mike Pack, Hope Dealer Ohio

“The training I received from Cali Estes of The Addictions Academy was an intense complete and interesting program that provided real life examples of Interventions and how to resolve difficulties in dealing with particular clients. Cali is very knowledgeable, skilled and well-educated. She is also supportive and easy to communicate with making her one of the best Interventionists and Coaches throughout the world.” Evyan D. Italy

“Class was fabulous. Learned so much. You are amazing. Hope we may we meet soon. Thanks from Wilmington” Kelly Murphy Chambliss Interventionist Delaware

“La Promessa Interventionist Evyan Donch in The Addictions Academy training from Cali Estes and working with others to shed the light on the State of Addiction Treatment in Italy and other parts of the world.
So grateful to connect with a powerful group of change makers and professionals bringing the best Intervention services to individuals suffering from addictions all over the world.

“It can be difficult as a professional and consumer looking for online classes for certifications, continuing education classes or classes that keep you on the cutting edge in your field. I had 1 referral for The Addictions Academy from a counselor friend did my due diligence and signed up for the Nationally Certified Intervention Training Class (Webinar). I was amazed that the class also contained a separate Ethics course but MOST IMPORTANTLY the Webinar class included case management certification which is an actual “license”. This is important because in the field of intervention itself there is no licensing requirements. Even for those of us who are Certified Substance Abuse Counselors with the appropriate designations Intervention is a completely different animal. The Case Management course purchased by itself is about and $800 value.

Our instructor was Dr. Cali Estes. I didn’t know anything about her other than the credentials I reviewed on the website as I scrolled through all the faculty on staff. I did not know who the instructor would be! I cannot say enough amazing things about not just the class but the amount of insight into the “real life” world of Drug and Alcohol Interventionist’s. The materials were right on point and Dr. Estes took the time to answer every question, covered every bit of the material and did actual case studies with us of real life interventions she has been involved in.

Not only would I highly recommend The Addictions Academy for any kind of training or certification in the field of Alcohol and Substance Abuse I would recommend Dr. Estes and her team to anyone who wanted the best intervention for someone they love.

I also have to give a shout out to Stephen Dixon who I came to learn is the student coordinator. He was professional, EXTREMELY KNOWLEDGEABLE and kind.

They are so good I’m on to my next class: Nationally Certified Recovery Coach – 1″

Kim M., North Carolina Interventionist

Thank you Dr. Estes. The staff found your training educational and allows them the opportunity to empower themselves with clients. Staff reported “This has filled in the gaps I needed!” Thank you again.

Jody M. Ressio, MA, LAADC, IS
Clinical Director

Cedar Point Recovery

“I like your training, I use the intervention training everyday.”

Patrick Meyers
CEO Healthcare Connection of Tampa

Cali, thank you for the help transitioning from 30 years on Wall Street. I’m 22 years sober and ready to take Recovery Coaching and interventions to the next level.

Charles Della Penna

Stephen Dixon was amazing. I was so lucky to get him when I called to inquire about several programs. When I signed up I realized that I could not do the next certified intervention training which was in December as I would be traveling. Last night he got me into the core switch started today November 16th. He was so kind, polite and knew all the answers to every question I had.

Kim, Interventionist NC

Dr. Cali Estes and Z-Man
” I am excited to work with Dr Estes on our new project” Peter Distefano, guitar guru for Janes Addiction and Porno for Pyros.

Julia Bonner

Julia Bonner, CEO, JD, Coach discusses her experience at The Addictions Academy and why she has chosen coaching.

Kevin Kolb

Listen to Kevin Kolb’s Testimonial about The Addictions Academy.

Kim Bell Hollinger I’m so excited! Thank you Katie Donovan & Cali Estes for such an amazing opportunity! I’ve still got a lot to learn, but feel completely inspired by all my classmates and incredible teacher!!!

Kim Bell Hollinger

Debbie and Erin

Listen to Debbie Perkins and Erin discuss their lives in recovery and business after being trained at The Addictions Academy.

Debbie and Erin

Debbie and Erin discuss their experience with the classes at The Addictions Academy, how they have grown their practice and what you need to do to be as successful as them.

Dr Cali Estes speaking at Navigating The World of AddictionDr Cali Estes speaking at Navigating The World of Addiction
Dr Cali Estes speaking at Navigating The World of Addiction.

Listen to Nicole Powers and Bradley Suicide of the Suicide Girls discuss Dr. Cali Este's approach to addiction and her signature Sober on Demand Services.Listen to Nicole Powers and Bradley Suicide of the Suicide Girls discuss Dr. Cali Este’s approach to addiction and her signature Sober on Demand Services.

AfterBuzz TV and Book Circle Online's Heather Yerrid host Dr. Cali Estes to discuss her #1 Best Selling Workbook for Recovery Coaches AfterBuzz TV and Book Circle Online’s Heather Yerrid host Dr. Cali Estes to discuss her #1 Best Selling Workbook for Recovery Coaches.

“Cali Estes you are a successful powerhouse to say the least. It was an honor to get curious with you.”

“Great class. I learned so much”!

Jeni Deibel

Good Morning Cali,

I just want to thank you for all your time and training to expand in my journey:

Today I specialize in:

Group Facilitation ( Treatment Centers)
Interventions (Families)
Recovery Coaching (Clients)

You guided my growth…

Much love and respect,

Lesley S. Richards

Educate!!!….Educate!!!!!….Educate!!!!……..Thank you Cali Estes ur an awesome teacher!!!!….thanks for all you do!!!!…..congrats my “brothers and sisters” who completed the course!!! And thanks to my brother Kevin Morsewhose always encouraging me to step out in faith!!!!#letschangetheworldonelifeatatime

Robert Caudle

Thanks and Cali Estes for the great opportunity!! Its organization’s like yours and great friends Higgy Robin Higginbotham Andrew Hager Todd Barrick Michael Pack James Matthews Corey TheBear WolcottNathan Buis Marty Norman Angie Lee Stewart Tanya Stamper Meeks and many many more that have given me the inspiration and love to keep going. SO THANK ALL OF YOU SO MUCH. MUCH LOVE FOR YOU ALL.

Hi Cali!
Congratulations on your new Recovery Coach graduates. Well I’m extra happy because I referred your class to my friend Jeff Wolfe who just completed this morning! Great guy and an asset. But I wanted to also take the time to thank you for introducing me to your friend Joel Rusher. I made sure to go to the Foundations Conference in San Diego so I could meet him. Real nice guy. He introduced me to Jonathan Wyn from the Desert Palm Recovery. I will be meeting him for a tour and business lunch on Tuesday! Can you believe it? Just like that. The epitome of suit up and show up! Met so many others. Just throwing it out there to see what comes back.
Cali, thank you! Since meeting you only a few short weeks ago, I am so much closer to my dream of quitting my job and taking my show on the road. I’ve never done this before. It is both scary and exciting… I’m learning so much from Katies supervision class and from the students there. You are doing such a great service for your fellow colleagues in this field that is so needed. As I alluded to you before, I came from an unethical “mentoring” that frankly left me broke, bewildered and gun shy so, my gratitude is heartfelt.
All I wanna do is make an honest living, meet great people, do Gods work, and find the little ones He’s laid in front of me on the path Don’t mean to gush, Just grateful.
So thank you.


Cali Estes, my instructor and CEO of The Addictions Academy taught the class that when you become a Recovery Coach there are lots of moving parts to contend with, yet to be effective, you have to make it look seamless. The work can be challenging, but the reward and satisfaction of helping someone get sober and ultimately saving their life is well worth it.

I loved the authenticity Cali brought to the class. She “keeps it real” and by doing so the student is much more attentive and receptive to the course material. This addiction stuff is real and the way Cali teaches, there is no sugar coating.

Kathy Brooks
Wellness and Stress Management Coach
Rise and Grow Wellness

Landmark Recovery

“I just wanted to take the time and thank you for all that you helped get started at landmark. I truly feel like we are moving in a great direction now and you played a big role in making that happen.”

Patrick CD Tech, Landmark Recovery

Raleigh House

“All of the training you did seems to be effective. We had a record month in June! ”

Eric Lapp, CEO Raleigh House Colorado

Rose Long

Hi Cali,

I really enjoyed today‘s session, exceeded my expectations and I’m looking forward to more.

I feel hugely grateful to be part of the group. Thank you for your generosity of spirit that allows me to join the training. I really do feel blessed - it seems to fit in so naturally with my interests and experience it’s really is a gift for me to be learning this stuff.

Enjoy your day in the national park - love to hear you‘re hiking, one of my passions since getting clean and sober so I’m getting some vicarious enjoyment knowing you’re out there!

Rose Long

Nadine Steele

Nadine Steele of Steele Recovery discusses her training at The Addictions Academy and why our in depth and detailed programs are the best on the market for addiction training.


Cali is an amazing instructor! Thank you!

It was great spending these last few days with you and look forward to networking, hearing and sharing our new adventures with you. 

Please, stay in touch! 

Nadine Steele

I initially reached out to Dr. Estes because my facility was experiencing high AMA rates. We were admitting roughly 30 patients each month, and, on average, 13 were leaving early, against staff advice. As a result, our average length of stay was only 16 days, and our census was stuck around 18 out of 32 beds. Within 2 months of hiring Dr. Cali, we have increased our length of stay to 26 days, and we have reduced the number of patients leaving early against staff advice from 13 to 4 per month. As a result of these changes and some additional marketing strategies she implemented for us, I am happy to say we have increased our census from 18 to 32, and we now have a waiting list. Dr. Estes is professional, detail oriented, and able to focus on what really matters to drive results.

Matt Boyle

Vice President of Finance
Landmark Senior Living Communities

Hey, this is Patrick the CD Tech from Landmark. I really just wanted to take the time and thank you for all that you helped get started at Landmark. I truly feel like we are moving in a great direction now and you played a big role in making that happen.

Patrick Kullman

Landmark CDT Supervisor

Hi Cali, the last 2 days were so good. Thank you for the opportunity to train with you. I can’t wait to see where this takes me. Looking forward to next weeks intervention training!

With love/respect, Shar

Martin Ceceña

I am in north hollywood Ca.
I love what I do and thanks to Cali and the Addiction Academy I can do it the right way. If you or a loved one needs help please feel free to reach out to me. I have 10 yrs of experience.

Martin Cecena

Maria Trantino

Maria Trantino talks about her experience taking the Recovery Coach 1 at The Addictions Academy.

Maria Trantino

A huge shout out to Cali Estes, CEO of The Addictions Academy. She personally trained me to become not only a professional certified recovery coach, but also a professional certified family recovery coach, where my heart and passion lie. It was THE best training I have ever received. Cali is AMAZING!! Addictions coach to the stars!!!

I am all about giving credit where credit is due, as well as supporting people who are doing things for the right reasons. If you have ever thought about becoming a coach, cali is truly the best!!! Click on her site, she trains in pretty much EVERYTHING you can think of!!!

Katie Donovan Brennan

Thank you Cali I have really loving it all! Must tell you that you are on my bucket list to come and meet I just simply think that you are amazing thank you for always being there for me!

Warm regards,

Deb Cohn
South Africa

Hey Cali! I’ve been reading the millionaire mind and one of the exercises was to reach out to someone you know who is very successful and whom you admire. You came to mind.
Here’s what I admire and inspires me about you and your example:

  • you are driven and committed to your dreams and helping others
  • you don’t let others opinion of you distract you from your vision
  • you live a life that is authentic to you and your dreams while still being of service and living within society in your own way
  • you make a lot of money and are still of service in a big way – thanks for the example that both are possible!
  • you are available to anyone – not just those on the ‘same level’
  • you are expanding in new directions consistently and you aren’t afraid to try something new
  • you are compassionate but also have a good sense for b.s. and won’t allow it to slide

It’s inspiring to know all this is possible!

Peace, Dylan

Today's spotlight is not on a treatment center. But somewhere just as important. Cali Estes the owner of the addiction academy

Today’s spotlight is not on a treatment center. But somewhere just as important. Cali Estes the owner of the addiction academy. Cali has dedicated her life to teaching many people the tools and certifications that are needed to help many of the lost. In her daily duties she has shown great passion for helping the lost and getting people trained to be of service. You work has not gone unnoticed. Cali we salute you for helping so many
Jeff Dougherty
Foundations for Recovery

Thank you to Cali Estes and the Addictions Academy for helping me achieve the next step in my journey. I’m a Master Addictions Coach which includes a cert in food additions, sober fitness and recovery coaching. More to come from me as I get my website up and running!
Gerilyn Giorgio

Hey Cali Estes…big shout to you for all your guidance in helping me prepare for this big day… the big reveal of I can’t wait to put my education and personal experience to work helping and abiding with others suffering from the disease of addiction; addict or family member. If addiction is in the family, no one is exempt from the ravages of the disease. Families need recovery just as much as the addict/alcoholic.
Jamie Edwards

Nationally Certified Life Coach

Hi Cali!

I just got done with the life coaching training and want you to know that Ginger was an amazing instructor for this course! She taught us skills and tools that were not covered in the material, that I feel are invaluable to having when moving forward with this profession. I look forward to and hope to work with her again soon. She demonstrated very well her life coaching skills as an instructor to us.

I learned from her directly and by watching the way she handled us as students.

I am grateful things worked out so that I could experience her knowledge and skills for this course.

Thank you,
Heidi Fredere

We finished up today.
We feel good about it and Mary really helped a tremendous amount.
We do, of course, anticipate needing the continued support.

Thank you both so much

Kristen McKnight-Leary, CATC N II, CEAC I, NCIP
Chief Executive and Operating Officer
Artemis Hill Recovery, Inc.

Navigating the World of AddictionDr Cali Estes and Vance Johnson

Dr. Cali Estes at the navigating addiction event in Colorado December 2016 sharing the stage with Vance Johnson number 82 Denver Broncos and Katie Donovan Brennan, National Director of Family Advocacy an author of the Suburban Moms Nightmare

Vance Johnson - testimonial for The Addictions Academy

I am blessed to have been apart of the next generation of rehab. After intensive virtual classroom training with Cali Estes, I along with several other professional football players and baseball players have been sought after to coach everyone from corporate elites, to pro athletes and suburban soccer dad’s. Cali’s Pro Recovery Training offers the trainees a roadmap to help clients reach their ultimate goal, a lifetime of sobriety. Her approach meets you where you are as a Recovery Coach. She’s a leader and is on the front line of an ever changing world, offering the recovering addict a more personalized rehabilitation. I encourage everyone to get certified thru The Recovery Coach Workbook offers everything you need, from marketing to confidentiality, questionnaires to contracts for your private practice.

Thanks Cali you are the future to educating the world on addiction… I’m glad to call you Coach!

Vance Johnson

” Thank you for your work” Nikki Sixx, musican Motley Crue, Sixx Am.

 Nikki Sixx, musican Motley Crue, Sixx Am.

Cali Estes - Dr. Drew

“Cali Estes understands addiction” Dr. Drew Pinsky

Thank you Cali! The training you did for us was awesome and I look forward to working more with you in the future. You are unbelievable at what you do, and I hope to one day be as successful and knowledgeable as you are.

Ian Mcloughlin | Admissions & Marketing Representative

This training has completely changed my life!

Todd Good

Dear Cali and Family… hope you had a fun and blessed New Year! I went out and celebrated myself!;) that I’m alive …that I can dance again… That I am a now a Certified Recovery Coach thanks to the incredible dr. Cali Estes…THE Recovery Coach of Coach’s and then some!;)…
That I have a non fiction short story comedy noir book in the making;)
And will have my website shortly!
Thank you all for your love and support.
With love light and laughter

Rennaisance Recovery Coaching

Tricia Parido, I can say that the addictions academy set me up to achieve my dreams. My private practice and my unique program have been growing at a comfortable rate with great success. Exceptional program. Highly recommend.

Thanks Cali Estes for all that you do.

Meryl Schneider, I’m a newbie with just being certified this September .. Being in an area and state where this is new and not well known I have my work cut out for me.. I am getting out there getting the word out ( word is me and my business cards ).. I have a few clients and am moving in a nice flow..

Thanks to Don and Cali!!

I appreciate the assistance and thought the training was very informative. I actually just got someone who was arrested for DUI (prescription pill addiction) to go directly to Lighthouse from police headquarters after contacting Recovery Centers of America. It was the first time I offered resources and after getting past a few excuses they really welcomed the help They were great to work with.

My goal is to offer resources to addicts and drug users that are at our station for any reason and to follow up with others the department comes in contact with. As I see how this develops I will work with my administration to improve on our response.

Thank you again,

P.O. Paul Proctor. #94
East Windsor Twp. Police Dept.


Your presentation was very informative. I feel I will be able to use the information with parents and co-workers. You had a slide in your presentation which listed about twenty different drugs. If possible could you forward me that list because while talking to parents, they never really realize what is out there.

Cops are always a really rough crowd but I really learned some new information. Also with the people we spoke to, I am working on setting up a business card for officers to hand out and a family resource guide available on their computers.
Any help is greatly appreciated.


PO Patrick D’Onofrio #173
Old Bridge Police Department

Sunshine Helbstab testimonial for The Addictions AcademyI’m am so excited I received the hard copy of my National Certified Family Recovery Coach certification!! My passion is to help people who have are effected by a loved ones addiction. My entire life I have impacted by loved ones who struggle with the disease of addiction. It’s a powerful disease that not only effected the addict but tee family member. I have found my passion and purpose to shine light and love to those who are where I have been.. to share my experience, strength and hope. Even when effected by there disease, there is hope, an opportunity for love.. there is is an opportunity for peace and joy.. there is ALWAYS Sunshine!!!
Follow my page – for information, inspiration and opportunities!
And if you or someone you know are impacted by a loved one currently struggling w addiction/alcoholism and wants extra support and a safe community please send a request to Join my closed group – There’s Always Sunshine
I will have a lot of AWESOME information and opportunities there!!
Sending you so much light and love!

Sunshine Heldstab

Sunshine Heldstab

Sunshine Heldstab’s testimonial for The Addictions Academy.

I love your positive motivation and how you put yourself out there! The world needs more people who choose love and get over their fears to make a difference.

Thanks so much for offering such a wonderful training and such a fabulous opportunity.

Keep shining beautiful!!

Mary Stowe

Mary Stowe offers her opinions of The International Master Addictions Coach Certification Process and The Addictions Academy.

Kent Paul

Kent Paul’s testimonial for The Addictions Academy.

Chase Callon

Chase Callon offers his opinions and thoughts on the Recovery Coaching I class that he took with Cali Estes of The Addictions Academy.

Richard Phillips

Richard Phillips of Rise Strong Recovery discusses his experience in class with the addictions Academy and all the benefits it has to offer. Richard and his partner Chase facilitate people locked in addiction to get on the road to recovery ie. Interventions, safe sober transport, rehab placement,

Richard Phillips & Chase Callon. 801-669-0529

Police and First Responder Training

My name is TJ McWain and I am a police officer in Southern New Jersey. As a police officer, I come into contact with substance abusers on a daily basis – and things that often go along with substance abuse, such as homelessness, chronic unemployment, and crimes against property.

Traditionally, law enforcement was limited in how we can handle these situations…we could give them phone numbers to call, drop them off at hospitals or shelters, or put them in jail. Early in my career, I recognized that these methods weren’t working and that I would continuously come into contact with the same people over and over again. Often times, I would arrest someone and have conversations with them while they were being booked. While they all came from different races, genders, backgrounds, and economic status, their stories were all pretty much the same. Some tried to get help and couldn’t navigate the confusing treatment system. Some were uninsured or underinsured and couldn’t get into treatment. Some didn’t want treatment. Some pleaded with me to help them. Drug addiction in New Jersey and across the country is out of control and I felt like there had to be something else out there.

While researching a way to actually help find a solution to this problem, I found The Addictions Academy and Dr. Cali Estes. Dr. Estes was immediately drawn to my plight and, after several long conversations about what would be the most beneficial, it was decided that I would sign up for several of her courses.

I completed the training to obtain my National Certification as an Interventionist Professional. The class was absolutely perfect for my purposes and opened my eyes to the psychology of addiction. The class was invaluable and provided me with insight on how to recognize when someone may be ready for treatment (or how to make them ready) and what resources to have ready for when that time comes.

I also completed training to obtain National Certification as a Family Recovery Coach, Relapse Prevention, and Individual Recovery Coach. These courses reinforced some of the information I learned during the Intervention course and offered additional education on specifics related to the course titles. Furthermore, I was able to use this training to obtain a further understanding of addiction and how to help both the substance abuser and their family work together prior to and during recovery.

I would absolutely recommend this training to all first responders and every individual who feels that they want to do more for their family, friends, community, or anyone going through struggles related to an addiction. The courses allow you to learn from home in a comfortable setting and the instructors engage you in role playing and other scenarios that bring the textbook to life. At the end of your course, you will have exponentially increased your knowledge and ability to help those that need your help and, in that sense, the training is absolutely priceless.

TJ McWain

“I had a meeting today with Cali Estes the Addictions Academy. I was impressed when I took her class, but after meeting with her I’m confident in recommending her school. She is the type of professional we need representing our industry. I look forward to working with the Addictions Academy in the future.”

Elio Ricciardi, National Outreach Director, Waters Edge Recovery

I have never encountered anyone as generous as Mrs.Cali Estes ,she showed me the art of helping people to recover numeral addictions that destroy the lives of people and prevent them from being successful, Thanks Mrs. Estes very much.

William Stephenson, Liberty City Advocate for Reform

I’m so happy I found your academy. You all are clearly offering classes and direction ahead of the industry.

Gail Schroeder

Cali Estes from The Addictions Academy teaching a free course to first responders and police officers.

Hello Dr. Cali

Thank you for the training,  this was the best training class I have had in my law enforcement career.  I have contacted Chief Kunz of Jackson twp. Police Department and Ocean County Prosecutor Joseph Cornoto about this training already.   I would like to see it in ocean county soon.   Also I think it should be required in the police academies.  

Thank you.

Officer Michael Grochowski Jackson Police


W.V. of New Freedom Life Coaching discusses Cali Estes knowledge, passion and sense of humor in teaching with her no no nonsense approach. He discusses her classes and benefits.

Philip Helberg

Philip Helberg discusses the video and web platform training from The Addictions Academy and the standard of education he received. Phillip runs a nonprofit inn Orange County California and is using the classes to assist clients i getting and staying sober.

As an Canadian Afghan Veteran diagnosed with PTSD I have to clear the air somewhat. I also have had many physical injuries due to 4 surgeries and several concussions. Personally and this is my own story, I was fortunate to have over 2 decades of Sobriety with the help and support of Alcoholics Anonymous in which it gave me the capacity and knowledge to live in the solution to avoid mood-altering substances if I can, and avoid them unless absolutely necessary, like post-op. I have worked very hard to overcome physical, mental, and emotional pain due to my combat experience. Of course I was overly anxious, hyper-vigilant as well as Afghanistan Nightmares and had a lot of atrocities blocked and stuck in my system and needed rewiring. I underwent EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) which is hard work, however, has paid off to have only uncomfortable moments and less uncomfortable days. I always had support from great people in carrying a message of hope to others and perhaps helping them. I decided to enroll in a most excellent program with Dr. Cali Estes and Dr. Rev Kevin Coughlin at The Addictions Academy in Miami called The International Masters in Addictions Coaching which has taken quite a while to complete which has enabled me to Coach Federal Inmates, PTSD Veterans, and Incarcerated Veterans in Addictions Coaching. I have seen the results, and just today I had a Maximum Federal Offender in tears through the excellent instruction I have received at The Addictions Academy. This has been a real game changer, the main reason is that there are other alternatives available such as Addiction Recovery Coaching as well as Life Coaching to help others who have had PTSD. I have seen it occur a magical change with some of these people. This is not PTSD Therapy or a replacement whatsoever and undergoing additional EMDR with a Licensed Therapist as well as coaching can go a long way and I am confident this is a piece of the pie to better days for those suffering. I would like to publicly thank the Addictions Academy for this remarkable opportunity and I believe it is contributing to saving lives.

Neil Washer

I recently took the class to become a Nationally Certified Advanced Intervention Professional and it surpassed my expectations in every way. The instructor was knowledgable and very adept at passing his knowledge on to his students. My class mates were also knowledgable in the industry, making the exchange between students excellent also. I learned everything I needed to know, and then some. I highly recommend this class!

Debra Weisheit, NCAIP
Nationally Certified Advanced Intervention Professional

Patrick krueger. Thank you so much for the class. I learned a lot from you and want to learn more. Thank you Doc.

Recovery transition to Life, Building Milestones, and addressing addictive behavior regardless of whether it is controlled substance, food, shopping or other impulsivity is the core of my practice. Contact me directly to learn how you can make a positive life shift with the support of an International Master Addictions and Life Coach.

Tricia Parido Master Coach Director direct number (805)710-2513

Really, really enjoyed the class! It’s amazing that two days can go by so quickly- must be because I love the subject matter. Anyway, this has given me a little confidence that I have never had about my ability to do something important. Thank you! I look forward to the next class.

Lorri McClain

I just completed the NCFRC course given by Dr. Reverend Kevin Coughlin as part of my IMAC training through The Addictions Academy. I want to say how grateful I am to have the privilege to study with such a smart, creative, well informed professional. Dr. Coughlin clearly loves teaching and brings his passion to his work. His classes are thorough and rigorous. I came away from his class confident and empowered to go forward working with others. Thanks for a great experience.

Ronald J Frank

Advanced Clinical Intervention

“Absolutely Amazing Cali Estes”

David Bassano, Recovery Champions.

This course is shedding so much light on so many things. Although I’m familiar, i wasn’t aware of many things Kevin is teaching, and I like that he says things he agrees with and things he doesn’t. He’s a great teacher. I know I’m new, but so far, this is seriously the best thing that’s ever crossed my path. Thank you with my whole being. This is truly golden info. It really is not sterile and it’s not antiquated. If I were to go to the university, i would not get the info. Credentials may be more valuable to some, but if you’re truly out to make a difference in the recovering community, your program is spot on, sister. I’ll add that too. My friend just got her masters in this and I’m gonna really encourage her to take these classes.

Brilliant, Cali.

Mary Cabe Stowe

Thanks everyone. I owe it ALL to Cali Estes, such a great friend, and a huge inspiration ! I hope to make a difference in as many lives as her! #learninyourpajamas

Bambi Cocci, Certified Recovery Coach

Hi Cali, David and I completed the exam, we passed. We had a great time at your training, you are very impressive. I look forward to working with you in the future, and hopefully becoming part of your network!!

Adam Byron and David Bassano, Recovery Champions

As a full time police officer in New Jersey, I see addiction every day of my life. I was lucky enough to come across Dr. Estes’ training programs and signed up for several courses. As a result of taking the courses, I was able to see further into the mindset of a substance abuser and tailor my policing style to further HELP them and their families. I firmly believe that any First Responder would greatly benefit from attending training with The Addictions Academy. Addiction is a national problem and we need educated First Responders to be a part of the solution!

This training was, without a doubt, the best training I have ever received.

Intervention was very interesting, I keep thinking of ways to adjust your model to our system and culture.

Cristina Gabriela Matei (Enescu) Romania, Ilfov, Balotesti, Str. Daliei 4F

Thank you so much Cali Estes and Kevin Coughlin for the education you have given me. I have immense gratitude for all the knowledge that has moved me even closer to my life purpose. I am blessed to have been led to you.
?? stacey preece

“Thank you Cali! I know I’ve told you this before, but you are a true role model! I loved the class and learned a lot!! I’m looking forward to more classes with you!!”
Maria Rudesill, Recovery Coach and Interventionist Wisconsin

“Thank you for the excellent webinar. It exceeded my expectations and I would recommend your training without hesitation.” Martin T. Demarais, Therapist NJ

“It was such a pleasure to meet you. Your enthusiasm and “passion” is contagious!
I am so excited to begin my new journey and I am looking forward to continuing my education with you and TAA! ” Patrice Williamson, Therapist Staten Island NY

Maranda Shillingstad

Maranda Shillingstad, mother of an addict, takes The Addictions Academy’s Nationally Certified Intervention Course and describes her experience as a non professional and a mother and what tips and tricks she learned to help other mothers and friends with loved ones that have an addiction in her community. Join Maranda in her experience.

The Addictions Academy Testimonial of Dr. Kevin Coughlin, Director:

“Both classes were very helpful. The 1 on 1 experience is a great way to get personalized treatment. It cleared up a lot of doubts and misconceptions I held as I moved from the night shift to daytime admissions office. It warmed me up as to what to expect, and got another view outside of NY OASAS and my particular facility. I had heard of the “get away car” at the job, but was unclear what it meant until me and Kevin went over it. It cleared up a lot of questions.LAMA was another big area I was clueless with I am a ACA [addiction counselor assistant] and confused that with against clinical advice.It sounded like the 4 legged beast similar to a camel.”

Thanks again Cali and Kevin,
Richard Skolnik

Robert Freitas

Robert Freitas, Founder and CEO of Tailored Transitions is trained and certified at The Addictions Academy. His company offers Top Notch Mobile Rehab Services and his entire staff is trained at The Addictions Academy. Listen to Robert discuss his training with Kevin Coughlin.

First Responders train with Cali Estes

March 2016. The first-ever first responder intervention training. This includes Broward County Dade County and West Palm Beach County in South Florida. Cali Estes of The Adddictions Academy and Don Prince of sober coach Don taught an amazing class

“I would like the opportunity to participate in more courses. I like the scenarios and how to deal with certain people. The specific approach for do’s and dont’s was excellent” Gabriel Zahora , Captain.

Don Prince training First Responders at The Addictions Academy

Don Prince of The Addictions Academy teaching a first responder course in intervention for West Palm Beach, Miami-Dade, and Broward County firefighters paramedics and police department’s First Responders.

“Great job, we need much more of this. The discussion of warning signs and open ended conversations impacted me”. Jacque Neltz, Captain and Benefit Officer

Mike Goetz

Mike Goetz, retired executive takes classes at The Addictions Academy. Hear what he has to say about his experience!

Rob Lohman

Rob Lohman of Lifted From the Rut, describes Cali Estes and The Addictions Academy with their "Unique and strategic approach to teaching people about addiction." Rob has learned the Art of Intervention and Recovering Coaching and is applying what he has learned in everyday life to save lives of those stuck in the throes of addiction.

Tricia Parido

Tricia Parido, student at The Addictions Academy in the International Master Addictions Coach program and she has gone on to open her new company, Turning Leaves Recovery. Hear what she has to stay in the video.

Don Prince

Don Price, retired firefighter shares his experience about The Addictions Academy.

I am extremely happy to announce I have earned my National Recovery Coach Certification (NCRC1) from The Addictions Academy. Thank you Cali Estes for your wonderful teaching and for your dedication to training professionals to help people suffering from the disease of addiction. This has been a long time goal of mine, and I cannot wait to further my education!

Tracy Londerville Kiesler Wisconsin

Thanks to you both I have the best chance to have a successful career! Thanks again for dealing with my shenanigans!

Alec Rosen, NLP, IMAC Florida

Great class Cali! Thank you so much, super experience!!

Jeff Sitt

National Intervention Professional. Thank you Dr. Cali Estes for the opportunity to take your courses and broaden horizons.

Maranda Shillingstad, Minnesota

I started my training with Cali and her organization. I was very pleased with the excitement and material that i received. Very interactive class and gained many tools, guidelines and understanding to begin. Cali was very upfront and wiling to help with any follow up needed. Makes it easy to come back for any additional training needed.

Mike Goetz

I like the guidance and feedback, interaction and various mythologies of other Coaches. Also, it was a pleasure being amongst those with a common cause.
The course offered insight to addictive behaviors and best approach for communication and understanding of first contact.

Gloria Grant, Connecting Roots, LLC Recovery Coach

Cali is always going! She thinks outside the box to find ways to educate and her hands on approach is inspiring!

Lizet Dibernardo

Thank you for the great class! I learned a great deal from you and I look forward to learning more.

Robbin Thrakill. Therapist Wyoming

colorado class 1

Extremely proud to announce that have been granted the opportunity to be trained by Cali Estes. Am elated beyond words and could not be more grateful. She held my hand in some very tough times, with not only support, but jaw gritting hard to hear truth, statistics and undying love. Thank you friend for the opportunity to learn and study under you…

Maranda Shillingstad


My Mom is happy! & She says, Thank you for being my instructor and getting me back involved!!! You & Nate are amazing… I’m blown away with your program. Both of you know your facts & are very creative with your teaching. Having the classes mixed with all types was an awesome experience for me. Learned a lot of good stuff…Thanks again, you guys rock!

What a fantastic three days of enlightenment , encouragement , and inspiration from a true expert Trainer – Cali Estes! Thank you.
Dr. Charles Walter Graham

What a great training for Recovery Coach and Intervention Certification. Cali is the best you can ask for!
Pat Spurlin, 
Owner/HPS Addiction Services 

“I have been doing this work for 20 years just to help. After speaking with cali she put me in touch with Stephen who is going to work out a scholarship with me. I can’t tell you how grateful I am. I have worked from the Park bench to the Penthouse and can’t wait to do it again!! Nice Job Cali Estes.”

“Today was a great day of training towards the start of my career as an Independent National Intervention and Recovery Coach! A perfect fit for me as my life story and my desire to help people get out of their rut finally intersect professionally. Thank you Cali Estes and The Addictions Academy.”
Rob Lohman

“I took Cali Estes Intervention training class several years ago and was amazed at the depth of information I received from the class. The class was comprehensive with real life possible scenarios. The class was fun and enjoyable! As I said I took the class several years ago and since then I’ve been helping many families and individuals afflicted from this disease of addiction to their road of awareness, healing and recovery. I also would like to share that in the several years that I have been an interventionist Cali has repeatedly helped in the field by responding to questions in real time not days later but minutes later. I have recommend Cali’s Intervention classes to other people and will continue to do so! Cali is an example of the great people in this industry who really care about helping families recover.” Thanks Cali!!

Kevin Schaefer SAC-IT, CIP, NCRC- Milwaukee WI

“Today marks 2 months without the prescription pain meds my doctor had me taking for 6 years. Yes I have bad days and good days due to some health issues. But I am no longer held captive. I thank my boys and my husband for their continued support. After all i do have legitimate medical dxs. But I have learned it is better to feel pain then to have a numb heart… One person who has helped me and never really even knew was Cali Estes a former high school classmate. Thank you for the amazing work you do. I have learned it is more mind over matter… Thank you Cali”.

Tara Deets

I along with several former pro football players you’ve seen on the weekly huddle, have recently been in training to become a certified Recovery Coach. You have… therapist to talk to about your past, underlining issues and access mental health. Detox to stabilize you, Rehab to get you emotionally, physically and tools for a sober walk. I have for the last 2 years exposed my problems with addiction. Freedom of the bondage from the disease thru Christ, intervention, detox, inpatient, IOP, and spiritual guidance thru continued education and training. I.e. The Addiction Academy (CEO Cali Estess), Problem Solving Theatre, Psycho Drama (Dr. Meg Givnish). Jesus Christ (King among all Kings)

Whether you are a pro athlete, CEO of a corporation, or in recovery from an addiction, you need a COACH!

Vance Johnson, Former Broncos Player

I am happy to say that God has continually brought this lady into my personal life scope via one click at a time. I have checked her website over and over again about certification as a Recovery Coach.
Well my friends, when I heard a podcast with her this morning where she talked about us all working together in recovery, like dolphins, not tuna or sharks, it resonated…loudly. I’m in.
IMAC and Sober Companion coming, ATL style. Thanks Cali Estes! I’m very excited to begin to serve others along with you.
With this certification and my JMT certification I will be in a unique perspective to help others see their authentic purpose in life and learn to thrive with personal growth and leadership.

Stacy Guy Preece

Maggie Goldberg

Client Maggie Goldberg shares her personal and intimate experience hiring Cali Estes and her team of seasoned professionals to help her get sober create personal development move forward in her life and start a whole new career helping other people get on the right track.

Allen Schwartz

"Allen Schwartz of Florida is pleased to share his experience at The Addictions Academy and how easy it was to log into a Webinar for training. "

Daniel Veuleman

Daniel Veuleman of Dallas Texas described his time with Cali Estes as "the best in the business" and a "resource of wealth and knowledge".

Boris Schaak

Absolutely fantastic training classes!! - if you want to work in the recovery field, this is where you want to get your certification from!!! Boris Schaak

Boris Schaak owner of Los Angeles TOP company Sober Fitness discusses the recent Recovery Coaching Class he attended at The Addictions Academy with Cali Estes by webinar. Hear what Boris has to say and find him at

“Awesome class with an amazing coach. I would recommend this to anyone who really wants to learn. If you want to be the best then learn from the best and Kevin Coughlin and Cali Estes are definitely that! Sign up I promise you’ll love it and won’t regret it”

Maggie Goldberg, Miami

“It finally came! So thankful to Cali Estes @The Addictions Academy for making this opportunity available to those who want to further their education in the field of Addictions. Cali is not only an amazing teacher but also has become a vision of hope for me, a true attestation that with determination, perseverance, and most of all Passion that anything is possible, that our dreams can become a reality”

Cassie Lehman, Tennessee

miami intervention 2

“Awesome class! Learned so much and had a great time with all of you! Excellent Class!”
Claudia Rudolph, New Jersey

“One of the best intensives I have taken in a while!”
Allen Schwartz

miami intervention

“Excellent class. Take as many as you can with Cali Estes, she will set you up for success!”

Maggie Goldberg, Miami Florida

“Great Class, Great people! Thank you for an EXCELLENT class!”
Boris Schaak, CEO,,  Los Angeles

“I want to thank you again for your help with my first official intervention. Literally almost everything thing you said would happen, HAPPENED. The biggest take aways for me where, ALWAYS make sure the guns are out of the house, trust your gut instinct on what family members should be at the intervention, don’t get disappointed if the person says no at first, and don’t underestimate the power of the bottom line :)”

Eric Peyton, Dallas Texas

“Thanks so much for that. That was awesome. Very informative and helpful. I don’t have much experience in this field professionally so this was monumentally helpful and I’m grateful. Look forward to working together in the future!! Here’s my name for the certificate and I’ll put my address below it for mailing. Thanks again!!”
Daniel Veuleman, Irving Texas

“Thank you Cali Estes for a relevant, enriching, informative training. You’ve saved me from making a hundred mistakes. Thanks also to other attendees for your wisdom and all the fun”

Cynthia Ann  Schick, Freedom Sobriety Services

“Wow! What an inspiring group of individuals. I learned a lot in this class and left with a positive felling I’m making the right choice for my new career path. Cali words can’t describe your approach to teaching your “spot on” and make it fun!

Gail Steele, Colorado

“I loved the first part of the training  today. It seemed very real life and informative”.

Eric Peyton, Dallas Texas

“So I decided to get the national intervention certification. I had been doing 12-step calls and intervening on drug addicts for a while. I wanted the certification but didn’t think I would learn anything in the class. I was wrong! I learned so many things about doing interventions that I never knew. I feel way more confident now when doing an intervention. Thank you Callie Estes! Can’t wait to get back in class soon to get that sober coach certification.”

Kenny Moran

“If it wasn’t for Reverend Kevin, Barbara Theodosiou, my loving mother, and Cali Estes the CEO of the addictions academy who raised $250,000 worth of scholarships for The Addict’s Mom I would surely be in prison at this time. New Beginning is and has saved my life. The people here have helped me in ways I never could have imagined.”

– Kassidy Vaughan

The CoreVision Network

“What an awesome experience, Thank you Cali,” Erica George Smith from Pittsburgh.  “Thanks for everything Cali” Heath O’Keefe Director of Operations at CoreVision. “I loved every minute of it, thank you Cali and Nathan!,” Wyatt Valentine, Los Angeles. “That was a great experience!”
Lisa Marie Valentine – 
The CoreVision Network In Colorado Springs Colorado

“Thank you so much for the class Cali!  You are truly an inspiration and your business sense (along with knowing everything addiction & recovery like the back of your hand) had me leaving the course just bragging on you so thank you.  Honestly, I’m thinking about what class I can take next from you.”

Lauren Nicole, Los Angeles, Extreme Interventions (as seen on A & E)

The Addictions Academy Testimonial “Day 2 of the Recovery Coaching training with Cali Estes. Simply extraordinary. Anyone here who is in the field, I strongly urge you to sign up for a training. Superb learning, excellent presentation, and real life scenarios, and clear definitions, and directions. Half in the car, the rest at my desk – I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!!
Cali – this is a fabulous training and I am really getting a lot out of it. Thank you so much for making this possible!”

Kimberley Berlin, LSW, CSAC, SAP


Great sessions! I learned a lot and look forward to taking more courses with you.

Chris Blair, CIT
Safety Net Recovery, LLC
Resident Manager

“Cali. Really enjoyed training today. Your a wonderful teacher and looking forward to tomorrow. Have a great night.”


“NCRC-I part 2 Today, Cali Estes the thrill continues!
A worthwhile and stimulating course, one of the best.
I have no idea how Cali maintains such a high level of energy and enthusiasm through the day”!

Allen Schwartz, Palm Beach Florida

“Cali – this is a fabulous training and I am really getting a lot out of it. Thank you so much for making this possible!”

Kimberley Berlin, LSW, CSAC, SAP


Debbie Perkins

Owner Acme Transitional House for Men and Women

"I went from 6 clients to 50 clients after I took Cali Estes Master Addiction Coach Classes and Got Certified! My success rate is higher due to my education from The Addictions Academy and Cali estes, I now have the credentials to help people help themselves." Call today at 1.800.706.0318 to enroll at The Addictions Academy.

John Castaneda

Thank you Cali Estes for opening my eyes to new opportunities. The knowledge I was given in the intervention course has encouraged me to continue on with more training! I look forward to what lies ahead, and to new experiences through The Addictions Academy.

Danielle Boland

Danielle Boland, student at The Addictions Academy is enrolled in The Master Addictions Coach program and she explains how taking the classes at The Addictions Academy has assisted her in creating her own company and growing her practice to assist her clients in a better manner. Call today at 1.800.706.0318 to enroll at The Addictions Academy.

Ron Cope

Ron Cope offers his testimonial. "I wanted to become a Recovery Coach and I researched Recovery Coach and one thing came up, The Addictions Academy. I called Cali Estes and gave her my vision and she said she could help me become a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach. I took the Intervention class and she was very informative. She had patience with me and told me things to where I can understand them. We did role play. I did Recovery Coaching I and II and Intervention. Today I own my own business. It is called Follow Through Recovery Coaching. Cali and the Addictions Academy has given me the tools that I need so I can live out my dreams in helping out the addict or alcoholic that still suffers. If you are interested give Cali a call."

Rob Marchesani

Rob Marchesani is a psychotherapist in Manhattan. He offers a testimonial about the Intervention and Recovery Coaching classes he took with Cali Estes and The Addictions Academy. He was amazed at the ease of taking a Virtual Live Class on-line. Rob mentions that he was impressed with the knowledge provided and means of delivery. He recommends all LMHC therapists take Cali Estes and The Addictions Academy classes in addiction to expand their knowledge and offer more services to their clients.

Michael Ceis

Michael Ceis, Nationally Certified Interventionist discusses how the Intervention webinar at The Addictions Academy will benefit him in private practice and assisting his clients to getting into drug and alcohol treatment that is specific to their needs.

Dr. Ghanoum

Dr. Ghanoum - Testimonial as a student at The Addictions Academy.

Kevin Schaefer

Kevin Schaefer of Wisconsin offers Cali Estes a word of praise after taking her classes and expanding his client base. Kevin was featured in Waukesha Freeman.

Ron Siegel

Testimonial from Ron Siegel

Ron Dock, New York Yankees Intervention

Ron Dock
As the New York Yankees Intervention Coach, attending “The Addictions Academy provided me the opportunity to become a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach. I took the Intervention classes which were very informative. The classes were taught in a manner where I can understand them and were very worthwhile. We did role play. I did Recovery Coaching I and II and Intervention. Taking these classes with Cali and the Addictions Academy has given me the tools that I need to better assist the needs of the New York Yankees’ players, coaches and staff.

Rev Kevin Coughlin

Testimonial by Rev Kevin Coughlin

Jonathan Schmidt

This manual is an excellent resource for the Christian Recovery Coach, and presents a biblical view in a precise manner that gives the reader a firm basis to begin recovery coaching with confidence. It hits all the main points without burdening the reader with irrelevant material. I highly recommend this manual as a resource for anyone entering this field recovery coaching.
Rev. Paul Costa Ph. D. & Former College & Professional Football Star with the Buffalo Bills

Derek Gwaltney, VP of Client Services

On behalf of myself, and all the attendees from Lakeview Health, we would like to express our gratitude for the training you conducted with us last week. The training was comprehensive, and easy to follow for some employees not as versed in the field of interventions. Following the training, everyone felt confident and comfortable with conducting an intervention. Cali did an excellent job of walking us through the steps, one by one. We now know the importance of the RAAD model and each of it’s components. The phone call and pre-work are just as important as the intervention itself. I would highly recommend Cali and The Addictions Academy to anyone looking to join or excel in the field of Addictions.

Carol Carter, CAP Clinical Director Revive Detox

"Thank you for your knowledge, I believe everyone was truly blessed by you and your wisdom in helping people see the need for treatment. We are growing and want to encompass all levels of care for people to have the right continuum of care that truly empowers people to continue on the right path. Being able to mentor and love on each client to help them through the tough times and the good times is very rewarding and I do see a valuable need for a Recovery Coach, my best friend just got certified as a Recovery Coach".

The Addictions Academy teaches at Care Connection of TampaI just want to thank Cali Estes and the team at The Addictions Academy for their professionally run and well developed training program. I signed up for the live Advanced Clinical Intervention Training in South Florida. I have been performing interventions for a while for the facility I work with and I thought I would do the training to get my certificate and that was all I was expecting.

I had always thought you should run an intervention as you see them run on television. In fact, I would try and replicate what I watched as closely as possible. Although I had success performing interventions, I often felt as though I didn’t really have control of the situation and I sometimes felt lost during the intervention. After working with The Addictions Academy I understand that I was not preparing myself of the others involved in the intervention in a manner that was giving us the best possible chance of a successful outcome. Furthermore, I was not working with the person being intervened on in a manner that was going help my goal. In short, I was doing everything I thought was right, but not doing nearly enough to really have a good intervention.

Shortly after completing the training I was approached to do an intervention. It felt great knowing what questions to ask beforehand, during and after the intervention. I simply applied the tools and approaches I was taught and the intervention was a completely different experience. The person that contacted me felt at ease because it was clear to him that I knew what I was doing. I had set up a plan, I had everything prepared in a clear and easy manner and I was able to help them understand how it was going to go.

When it came time for the intervention, we had everything lined up and I felt like I had control of the situation. I didn’t do a lot of the wrong things I had done on past interventions and instead I did things that was going to get us closer to a good result. I imagined I was sitting with Cali in the room playing out one of the many role playing sessions I had done with Cali and the other people present at the training. It was the easiest most comfortable intervention I had ever been a part of and I believe everyone in the room felt comfortable during the session also.

I now feel much more confident going into an intervention because I have the tools and training to know I am offering families and loved ones of addicts a good chance to help their loved ones realize they have a problem and we have a solution.

During the training I scheduled a web training for my admissions director and he also learned a lot during his training.

Patrick Myers, MBA, CEO
Care Connection of Tampa

Ronald Siegel“I have to share a joy with everyone involved at the Addiction Academy. Recently I have been promoted from General Manager to Program Director at New Beginning Ministry, an adult, residential rehabilitation program in Beach Lake Pennsylvania. With 7 years of service, I have been amazed at how your classes have changed how I manage, relate with clients and families and our staff. Recently you have taught our staff LAMA, Gambling Addiction Recovery Coaching, Prevention, Call Center, Life Coaching and Family Coaching. The professional attitude I receive daily is awesome. I personally have taken your Intervention, Anger Management, Life Coaching and the others listed above. I am so impressed with the outcome that I assure you I will be having the staff continue with learning with the Addictions Academy and have made sure to view your calendar of courses. Thank you Cali and Kevin T. Coughlin you guys are amazing!
Ronald Siegel

David Wolen

David Walen
"Cali, your (clinical intervention) course is definitely working. My friend from NYC called me crying and told me how she had become and addict. I followed what I learned so far and convinced her to go to treatment. She‘s on her way and calling her family for help. You’re the real deal .... I am honored to sit in that chair this week."

Jared Wade Collins

"I have now completed three courses with The Addictions Academy: Nationally Certified Gambling Addiction Coach, Life Coach, and Prevention Professional. My instructor for all three courses was the Program Director, Rev. Kevin T. Coughlin. He made lecturing and teaching the courses seem so effortless. His humor, timing and teaching made it so easy for all of his students to understand and retain the material in each course. I could see and hear that he is a great coach and professional through the experiences that he shared and the techniques of his lectures. Most importantly he makes the classes fun and exciting with interaction and role play. I can’t wait to utilize all the skills and tools that I have already learned, and look forward to learning more. I thank The Addictions Academy, keep up the sensational work! I can’t wait until the next course!"
Jared Wade Collins NCGAC, NCLC, NCAPP, CMT

Cali Estes is a dynamic, captivating and confident speaker and trainer. She is exceptionally knowledgeable and fun to listen to and learn from. She did a fantastic job sharing not only the training material which was outstanding but her own personal experiences which brought light to many types of scenarios one might encounter on an intervention. Highly recommend the training and Cali Estes from the Addictions Academy.  Laura McCarthy, MA, LMHC, CAP, CIP ; )

ray-tamasi“Cali Got great feedback about today’s training. Much appreciated. Ever get up this way? Would love to have you here for a speaking gig!”
Ray Tamasi CEO Gosnold on Cap Cod

“I found out about you on linkedin. I just wanted to thank you for all the good things you are trying to do. Iwish you every blessing may everything be in your favor. I hope you will have increased ability to help in the best way. I think of the good old days when if a neighbor was building a barn everyone would come and help. I think it is still a good way to do things! So I hope this email helps somehow, and lots of incredibly good things go your way!!!” Joe Lebaron

” Thanks again, Cali! You are a wealth of information, skill, expertise and experience! I’m very happy with my decision to take your courses. I appreciate the real life emphasis intertwined with the theoretical. I especially like the case studies, even though they are very difficult examples, they help to pull the learning all together. I’m usually not one to ask for help (even when I need it), but I may call on you in the future if I run into a problem with a client that I can’t figure out by myself!”

Laurie Fear, Vice President Recovery Coaches International

“Conducted an intervention yesterday, it took 3 hours and produced positive results. Very excited- This intervention was conducted 2 days prior to an additional intervention with another client, that intervention produced the desired results as well, both clients are doing well and haved turned the page in their own personal story, the story of long term recovery. I want to give a shout out to The Addictions Academy NAADAC CEU’s, for making all this possible. It should be noted that I have also begun the process of conducting anger management courses with one of the most highly regarded treatment centers in our area, again, with the credentials I have received with training through the Addictions Academy NAADAC CEU’s.Call Cali Estes 1.800.706.0318 National Certs” Steve Emery NCGAC, NCFRC, NCAMP, NCIP, NCRC- l & ll

Recovery Coach Training: Cali Estes, The Addictions Academy TESTIMONIAL “I can’t stop raving about your class and the content, I learned so much. You opened up a new career for me and I am grateful. The class was excellent(Recovery Coach I). Sign me up for case management!” Nichole Gary

I want to thank you again for leading the Intervention training on July 18th. I found that the wealth of personal experience and specific tips that you provided throughout the training were especially helpful. The class was lead in an honest way that showed your commitment to preparing excellent Interventionists. I am very excited about completing the Recovery Coaching trainings in the near future. As I mentioned in the training, I would be very interested in any opportunity to shadow or observe an intervention by you or a member of your team. Further, please consider me for any role in which you feel I might be able to add value to your team in Southern California. I am extremely impressed with your work, your approach, and you as a person, and I would be extremely fortunate for any opportunity to continue to grow and learn from you. Drug Rehab Kat Kus

Your course was very informative. I definitely learned new things, and was refreshed on some things I already knew. Very glad I was able to make it today. Thank you for answering all of my questions!! I am trying to learn as much as I can so that I can be a success in the industry. Kassi Nye, RRW, CIIM
The Ohana Place, LLC   888-897-4172 Kassi Nye

The Addictions Academy “I thought it was terrific! It was presented in a practical way and I loved the exchanges during the scenarios. I’m very excited about the family recovery webinar.” Charles Ledbetter

“I’m thrilled with your Intervention Training. I took the course in July, and was recently contacted to assist with an intervention. I did my advance work, had screened treatment centers for our client and ready to go, insurance pre-certified. I explained to the family and friends the likely scenarios, and how we would need them to behave at the intervention to insure success. As the young man in need of help was in a hotel, we arrived at the hotel, shared a couple of letters and within 30 minutes he was on his way to a treatment center, and the start of a new life in recovery!” Thanks. 914-837-4233 (mobile) Rick Smith

Cali Estes Testimonial for The Addictions Academy “Thanks so much for the valuable information…it was so helpful to me and I look forward to doing this with you again in the future. Linda Buscarello Cornerstone Recovery Center  Linda Buscarello

I really enjoyed your presentation of the Intervention Material…….you are awesome! Howard J. Kinchelow

“As a professional in the addiction field, I am always looking for ways to enhance my skill set and knowledge. I came across The Addictions Academy on LinkedIn and was impressed with the variety of national certifications they offered that could not only enhance my skill set as a substance abuse counselor, but offer a new revenue stream for me as well. I decided to contact them and I am grateful I did!! I took a weekend certification course in Recovery Coaching and Interventions with Cali Estes and she was AMAZING. Not only did I come out learning new skills and gaining some insight, I increased my revenue!! Thanks Addictions Academy.” Melisa Tablada CDS, CATC II, NCRC-I, NCIP

Thank you for the Class! You were a great instructor and gave great examples and made the material very easy to learn. I will be coming to you in the near future to further my knowledge and earning more Certifications as time passes. Christopher Steven Lengyel – Long Beach CA

I just finished the NCRC-1 class with Cali Estes, I was looking for some clear direction and understanding of Recovery Coaching and found it! this Class and National Certification will be a huge help in my position At The Refuge-A Healing place, an Addiction and Trauma Treatment Center where I am the Alumni/Aftercare Coordinator, Cali’s direct approach and wealth of knowledge made the class MORE than worth my time and investment in my career. Next for me is NCRC-2! Thank You Cali! William Kinloch, NCRC-1 William Kinloch, NCRC-1

Thank you so very much for a great course and for your lively teaching style! I will recommend you and your course to others. Looking forward to taking the 40 hr course in the fall. Again, my thanks! Diane J. L. Reese, Therapist Florida.

The question is always the same, how can I, as their criminal DEFENSE attorney, favorably resolve their criminal case, while simultaneously helping them face their abuse issues. I need the assistance of someone who can help me address THEIR SUBSTANCE AB– USE issues. The solution is often A RECOVERY COACH, and no one has ever been of greater support, assistance or had more RECOVERY COACHING knowledge than Cali. She knows the system, she knows the issues and she knows the solutions. I say thank you, but more importantly my clients always say “thank you Cali”. Lawrence Wolf A CRIMINAL LAW CORPORATION 310 277 1707 Lawrence Wolf

matt“Excellent class with Cali Estes. I learned a lot about Intervention and Recovery Coaching that I had not learned in other programs and other courses. This was one of the most exciting classes live and I recommend Cali Estes as an Instructor.” Matt Stephens

Cali clearly has a passion for recovery and wishes to spread that message to her students. Her trainings are excellent, well thought out and comprehensive – covering many aspects of recovery coaching and interventions. I recommend her trainings to colleagues and professionals alike. It’s a bonus that I was personally referred and i’ve, then, personally referred people there too! Adam Galambos New Life Recovery Consulting, LLC of Massachusetts  (617) 721-9355 – Adam Galambos

“The whole thing of Fame and money for someone who is really young can be deadly. Having services to help these stars focus up and hold themselves accountable is awesome. What goes on behind the scenes are the things we don’t see, and for some of the major issues addressed can cost them their careers. I feel The Addictions Coach is well needed and happy it’s there to keep the NFL healthy.” Jimmy Espinoza

“Cali Got great feedback about today’s training. Much appreciated. Ever get up this way? Would love to have you here for a speaking gig!” Ray Tamasi CEO Gosnold on Cap Cod

The Addictions Academy​ Student Testimonial “The class today was great. It was very interactive. Hearing about all the different experiences and real client cases was illuminating. It’s a breath of fresh air to be in a class with someone who is updated in the latest science :)” John Daniel Manning​

The Addictions Academy Student Testimonial “As far as the course, it was a lot of information in a short time. My head is still spinning!I was really looking forward to it and I know I came away learning so much. Ideally I should have done Recovery 1 first, but I think it will all work out fine in the end. Though, I did feel a bit intimidated by the rest of the class in my lack of knowledge and experience. As far as my professional experience, I’ll just have to be patient and let things happen. At least I have my vast drinking experience to draw from!!!!
You were a fabulous teacher. I loved hearing about all of the clients you have worked with. You made me comfortable in asking questions and not feeling stupid! Looking forward to taking my next course. Thank you. ” Elizabeth Zeolla

“Cali Estes’ training was worth every penny! I can’t say enough great things about her certification programs. She provides you everything you need to get started coaching immediately. After Cali shared some of her most challenging coaching experiences, we got to role playing real life situations so that we left feeling prepared for anything. Cali’s years of experience and education is unmatched, and I feel so grateful to have been certified by THE BEST! Thank you, Cali!”  Kairs Joy, Owner, Kansas

“I was quite surprised to see Cali Estes in the list (of most controversial business). She does her work in a way that is successful and gets addicts turned around and off drugs. If that means the client is to stand on there head and whistle dixie than so be it—so long as it works!” Mary Tevlin Volunteer at Bridgeway Behavioral Health Womens Crisis Center

Cali Estes is was informative, skilled and direct. Which is just what we needed as students and what families need in crisis. Her knowledge and experience in the Behavioral Health and Addictions field personally and professional will help many individuals grow their own private practice, continue their education and will continue to strengthen the recovery community. Danuelle Shiflet – Solutions Recovery, Las Vegas Nevada

“Thanks for a wonderful class. I have been doing sober companion work and case management for 5 years and it is comforting to know that i am following the best practices that are available. I have been doing sober transport for a lot of interventionists across the country. I also have many treatment center that refer me when they have clients that are not sure how to get their loved ones to treatment. —
David Forestier Managing Partner Cerberus Life Management –
Ph. 866-431-2256 – Cell. 941-809-1943 – Fax. 941-914-9333 David Forestier, CEO, Naples, Florida

“The Recovery Coach training presented by Cali Estes which I recently participated in was stimulating, educational and very instructive. I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone that if they have an interest in the field of Recovery Coaching that they sign up for and take the training given by Cali. She is a superb instructor and was very concerned that everyone in the class came away with an in depth knowledge of the subject matter.” Dale P. Redlich Founder Challenges Treatment Center 5100 Coconut Creek Parkway Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. 33063 Ph. 888-755-3334
Dale P. Redlich, CEO, Ft. Lauderdale Florida

The Anger Management Training was fantastic! The staff from New Beginning learned skills and tools that will be very useful. The NCAMP I certification will allow us to offer a new service to our clients and the community. Thank you. Reverend Kevin Reverend Kevin, CEO, Pennsylvania

Clients with drug and alcohol addictions are often arrested for crimes associated with their substance abuse. As a Criminal Attorney for over 39 years, specializing in Drunk Driving and drug related offenses, I demand excellence in and out of the courtroom. Interventions and treatment are often components to that successful result. Cali has never failed to provide that excellence. An emergency call to Cali for an immediate intervention always provides me with the ammunition I need in the courtroom to successfully resolve a case in my clients favor. I thank you and my clients thank you. Criminal Law Offices of Lawrence Wolf – 11845 W. Olympic Boulevard, Set 520 – Los Angeles, CA 90064 – (310) 277.1707 – Fax (310) 277.1500 – Lawrence Wolf, J.D. California

The staff from New Beginning Ministry and I attended Addiction Academy’s training. Our trainer was Cali Estes. We were all so impressed! Cali is a wonderful teacher who is very approachable and down to earth. Her knowledge in life coaching, recovery coaching, and many others skills was tremendous. f you are considering getting certified in professional coaching, The Addiction Academy is the place to go! We are all excited about the doors these certifications will open. Thank you Cali, this was a life changing experience! Reverend Kevin T. Coughlin DIRECTOR NEW BEGINNING MINISTRY Office (570)-729-8709 Cell (570)-493-1387 Reverend Kevin T. Coughlin, CEO, Pennsylvania.

“Learn from the Best”, Kevin Sansbury, CEO at All Points Recovery Network Kevin Sansbury

They say, “stick with the winners!” I have been blessed to be a multi time National and World Champion in power lifting. I have also been in the addiction recovery field for the past seventeen years. My staff and I have been trained by the best! Cali Este from The Addiction Academy is a master in her profession. Cali was professional, knowledgeable, approachable, and down to earth. I believe if you want to be the best, you have to be trained by the best. Anyone considering professional coaching or intervention as a career would be remiss to go anywhere else. Cali, my staff and I can’t thank you enough for your commitment to excellence.Reverend Kevin T. Coughlin DIRECTOR NEW BEGINNING MINISTRY Office (570)-729-8709 Cell (570)-493-1387 Rev. Kevin T. Coughlin D.D. NCRC I

“I have completed several other training programs for addiction intervention before the Nationally Certified Interventionist Training (NCIP-1) and your program is the best by far. Not only was it cost effective, but the practical experience and interactive web approach should set the standard for the training. The two day intensive was so thorough, I plan to insist that any interventionist I work with complete this program before we work together. Thoughtful and effective! This was the best intervention training of all the programs that I have attended.” Stephen B. Timmer, JD, CAS, BRI-1, NCIP-1 Absolute Adventure Addiction Interventions Tel 312-771-3664 / Toll-Free 855-598-1913  Stephen B. Timmer, JD, CAS, BRI-1, NCIP-1

“As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has added life coaching to my private practice , Cali’s Recovery Coaching course provided additional tools I can use with my clients in recovery.” Sherry Gaba, LCSW, author of The Law of Sobriety.” Sherry Gaba, LCSW, Los Angeles California

“The staff and I thought the training was very well done. The book you sent us has a lot of good information that can be used in the future. It was great to cover so many types of interventions, before the training I was only experienced in the Johnston model. Being able to watch the role play was also a great way to see these in action. Danny McQuinn, Owner of Clean Start Interventions. My phone numbers are 765-301-1555 and 765-301-1554. Our address is, Kokomo, 4408 Rosewood, IN 46901″ “I thought the certification was comprehensive and dynamic.” Danny Mcquinn, Owner, Indiana

“Cali is a great facilitator as well as a coach who knows what she’s dealing with. People who take her certification will be more equipped to handle the many complications that come with addictions and how we can better handle those who suffer them. From the practical issues involved in handling fees and time management to the clinical mental health issues, she covers all bases to help us work better to create a winning recovery team.” Rob Marchesani, MSSc, LP New York City

“I just wanted to say thank you for the training that you offered on interventions. The written material is informative, and well organized. The live webcam offered an interactive experience that was easy to follow. As a teacher, I found you to be extremely well informed, patient and able to answer all questions professionally and effectively as they arose. Thank you for a great training experience!” Debbie Maidman, BA, CASAC, NCIP Lifescape Solutions Outreach Coordinator C-561.301.2826; 845.304.1586 Fax: 561.265.5673 Debbie Maidman

“Cali’s clinical knowledge and successful experiences with interventions makes this course a must! Even if you had prior experiences with interventions, Cali’s intervention course builds confidence and a better foundation for successful interventions.” Kevin Schaefer, Owner, Milwaukee WI

“Although I have been a Life Coach for many years, the Recovery Coach Training that I took with you has opened up new avenues of approach in helping the addicted client. You covered every aspect of Recovery Coaching from intake, treatment, and daily contact to life skills and behavioral modification. I am grateful for the knowledge you bestowed upon us and the opportunity to learn”. Laura Kelley A One Coaching Delray Beach, Florida 561-577-3083 Laura Kelley, Owner, Delray Beach, FL.

“After working for several years in Stockholm, Sweden with clients suffering from addiction, dual diagnosis and mental illness, I consider myself very fortunate to have discovered your course(s) while searching for work/clients after relocating to Los Angeles last year. Your training is top notch with practical step by step instruction and course materials on how to set up a coaching practice and insightful sample case study group exercises. I was amazed at the amount of valuable information, helpful strategies and tips that were presented in the relatively short course duration. I warmly recommend your training to anyone working in this field. Thank you!” 818.877.9892  James M. Michie, Owner, Los Angeles, CA

Cali’s Recovery Coach and Intervention trainings were extremely valuable. In two weekends I learned an enormous amount of information both from Cali and from the participants. Cali is charismatic, dynamic, extremely knowledgeable and experienced and she is smart as a whip!! I left the course wanting more which is the best sign of a great training”.  Ellen Faulkner, Owner, Philadelphia PA

“My name is Debbie Perkins and I took Cali’s Interventionist certification class. I was in addiction all my life and I have been sober for several years. I wanted to start helping people who were in addictive addiction decide to go into treatment. There are several models that a person that is going to do an Intervention can use that I had no clue about. She taught me what I needed to know to be successful in doing an Intervention. I recommend taking her class to anyone who has decided to become an Interventionist! Debbie Perkins” Deb Perkins, Owner, Delray Beach, FL

“ I really enjoyed the training and thought it was very informative. I read through the manual prior to the class and I am happy we didn’t read it work for word. My co workers here were very impressed with my certification and wanted to learn more but I am not sure if they are in the market for something like that at this time. My place of work is called The Granite House in Derry NH” David Megenis, Derry, NH

I took both the Recovery Coach and the Intervention training with Cali and I am extremely pleased that I did. I was skeptical at first of attending a Webinar but it was a great class and I felt like I was in a classroom enviroment. Cali is an outstanding instructor and very personable, no question went unanswered. Cali uses her personal experiences to prepare students for real life situations. I would strongly suggest these courses for anyone who is in the field or wanting to get in the field or recovery coaching and interventions. Joseph R. Novak CEO, New Life Recovery Services  Phone:  850-585-9992 Joseph R. Novak, Owner, Florida

“I really enjoyed your class. It was very informative and you are a great teacher” Marilyn Kelly,
New Directions Behavioral Health, LLC  Marilyn Kelly

“I enjoyed the Training my goal is just to gain more knowledge. And have resources in the states that I can feed leads to from my place here in Mexico! Just to make sure I’m referring people to the right sources so we can maximize the success of what we’re doing here! Value Added that’s our goal! Thanks So Much, very impressed with your knowledge You Got This” Roy Moffit ownerRoy Moffit, Owner Mexico