Andre VielAndre has overcome many challenges with addiction and mental health and with his acquired education, he is certainly more than ready to help others to do the same. He joins the Addiction Academy as our knowledgeable “Train the Trainer” of Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

Despite multiple challenges and setbacks, Andre has gained a remarkable positive outlook on life through perseverance, determination, and fortitude. Andre is a very resilient person who never gave up and has found strength and courage to push through hard times his whole life. He truly believes that with the right guidance, support and attitude, anything is possible.

Over the past years, Andre has grown significantly as a person both professionally and personally. Throughout his career, Andre has seized the opportunity to learn and to develop a strong interest for business, administration, and sales. As a result, he was a business owner for 5 years and had to resume due to attending rehab treatments. As such, he brings his personal experience and a wealth of addiction recovery knowledge to the clients he serves.

Furthermore, as his passion for helping others grew, he continuously works hard to gain knowledge and expertise on different ways to help clients through their experiences. Thus, he proudly holds a University certificate in mental health and addiction from Ryerson University in Toronto. To add to his training, he has obtained a certification in mindfulness-based addiction recovery (MBAR) in the United Kingdom (UK) and he is also an acudetox practitioner having completed training with the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA). In addition, Andre obtained a meditation facilitator certificate through Naturality, recognized by the Canadian Yoga Alliance.

Andre is an empowering certified recovery coach who has traveled all over the world to deepen his understanding of holistic approaches and who is more than ready to take the next step in his career. Genuinely feeling his purpose is to help people living with mental health and addictions, he is in the process of opening the first private in-patient rehab center for mental health and addiction in New Brunswick. He will proudly be the co-owner and president of New Hope Addiction Recovery Centre (

“Having gone through the mental health and addiction system in New Brunswick myself and lived the hardships personally makes me very passionate to do my part in making a difference in how we see and treat addiction in this beautiful province. I’m a very companionate person and have the education, skills and lived experience to help others reach their goals. My background in sales and business coupled with my education in mental health, addiction and mindfulness has been very beneficial in helping clients reach their goals.”

By being the train the trainer for the Addiction Academy of Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada for Recovery Coaching and also intervention, “and as the owner of Hope Recovery Coaching” Andre continually shares his knowledge to certify coaches to help them become well-formed and strongly qualified interventionists serving the member of their communities and as such, helping people through their hardships, and assisting them in finding balance, happiness and joy.