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Dr. Cali Estes's Marketing ServicesDr.Cali Estes has been named “The Female Doctor Drew” by the media. She has built a successful celebrity coaching and counseling business and branded herself successfully as an authority on addiction, life coaching and failure to launch over the past few years and has accelerated to the top as one of ‘the 99 limit breaking female founders’ as seen on Thrive Global (Huffington Post). She has been featured on CNN, NBC, CBS, ESPN, MSN, KTLA, Fox, SiriusXM, Yoga Digest, People Magazine, Readers Digest, The Washington Post, Dr. Drew Show, Jenny Mccarthy Show, and even in a documentary. You can see more od her press appearances HERE 

She wrote the first bestselling workbook on recovery coaching and her book, ‘I Married A junkie’ is a #1 bestseller. Her clients span several continents and she has created several proprietary programs that assist clients in finding their true passions and calling in life and tackling their demons. She has shared the speaking stage with some of the worlds greatest comedians and is on the board of two nonprofits.  Simply put, she knows how to position herself in the marketplace to gain clients and credibility.

Dr. Cali Estes is now willing to share her marketing secrets with you. There is strength in numbers and she wants YOU to be as successful in building your brand and your platform as she has been. If you have ever wanted to be the TOP in your field, get clients, help others and build your brand now is the time. One of the secrets to being the top in your field is publishing a book, but these are expensive and so time-consuming, not to mention you need to know how to make it a best seller on the Amazon list. Dr. Cali explains why you need a book HERE

The biggest mistake you can make is hiring someone that has not positioned themselves as an authority or built a successful 7 figure coaching business.  It takes money to make money and the more money you make, the more you can help those around you. What if you could be successful, happy and wealthy in many ways? You can provide for your family and give back to the community and everyone benefits. That is what Dr. Cali Estes is going to teach you. Her entire company has been built on giving back to the community and helping others. Are you ready to hit the next level of your company or brand? Are you just starting out and need the basics or are you ready for the advanced positioning?

Dr. Cali’s 7-week hands-on course contains all this valuable information and access to her as well!

Weekly Mindset Mentorship Meetings  
7 weeks of weekly mindset mentorship meetings (limited to 10 per group)  How to tap into the Wealth Inside You and Get Unstuck.7 Weeks of learning how to get out of your own way, build your brand or practice,  attract the right clients for you and more! We cover how to get clients, what you need to build your brand and how to grow yourself utilizing a team approach. If you don’t know where to start, how to build a company, curate content and get the phone to ring, this is the group for you.
Topics covered:
LLC, versus DBA
Elevator Pitch (can you pitch in 30 seconds)?
Business Cards
Social media, the ins/outs Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook
Website content
Know your value and worth
What to charge and when to drop your prices
When to PPC (pay per click)
The art of the One Sheet
How to position yourself as an expert
Lunch and Learns, what are they and how to leverage them
Speaking Gigs
How to leverage The Addictions Academy to gain you exposure
Writing a book
Podcasting and more!

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