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An Advanced Clinical Intervention class designed for you, the busy professional, that will encompass all the styles and types of interventions that you will encounter PLUS emphasis on how to market your services as a busy certified interventionist professional. We cover Individual, Family and Business Interventions on an in-depth level and we teach you tips and tricks to complete the interventions in 4 to 12 hours max from the time you step out of the car or off the plane (most of your work is done without ever leaving your home or office), assisting you in becoming an addiction intervention expert.  The Exclusive RAAD model focuses on body language, client placement, meeting the client at their level and proper placement for continuum care. As a BONUS we offer marketing and business branding in this class ONLY. As a top interventionist or expert interventionist, you want the best, most comprehensive training on the market and we offer it in 22 countries and 5 languages!

What is an intervention? An Intervention is an occasion on which a person with an addiction or other behavioral problem is confronted by a group of friends or family members, or just the interventionist, in an attempt to persuade them to address the issue. Most interventionists work in a crisis setting and disrupt the behavior on demand. A person would hire an addiction interventionist to get help for an alcoholic, drug addict or other affliction causing harm to the client or the family.

What Is Included in Our Nationally Certified Advanced Clinical Intervention Certification and Training?

Our 51 Hour CEU Accredited Intervention Certification and Training Program Includes:

  • Three- Day Immersion online virtual classroom (or Live in-person) experience.  Class runs 10-3 EST (see calendar HERE for dates, times and locations).  Exam follows. Manual included.
  • Ethics self-study component at your leisure with manual and exam. No time limit to complete this course (optional but included in price).
  • Clinical supervision every Tuesday from 11-12 EST for 10 weeks to hone your Intervention skills (optional but included in price). Call in via phone or access us via web platform face to face.
  • Copy of forms and contracts book (duty to warn, contracts, confidentiality forms, compliance and more).
  • Marketing and branding self-study class (top treatment centers have utilized this training to market their centers) PLUS we cover this live in class – learn from our years of experience on how to be a Top Interventionist.


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Our 3-day Curriculum Training includes:

  • Overview of all models, and strengths and weakness of each
  • RAAD Model (unique to The Addictions Academy– no one shoe fits all concept)
  • Body Language Concepts
  • How to do an Intervention (start to finish)
  • How to do a family intervention (including family intervention techniques)
  • Interactive hands on class in person or by Live Virtual Classroom.
  • 5 MOCK INTERVENTIONS in real time
  • Learn Specific techniques to Intervene with Mental Health Clients
  • Learn Specific techniques to Intervene with Criminal Clients
  • Learn Specific techniques to Intervene with Wealthy Clients and high-profile persons
  • Learn Specific techniques to Intervene with Special Populations (Aspberger’s, autism, learning disabilities)
  • Intervention for alcoholics verses family drug interventions
  • Business Interventions (unique to The Addictions Academy!)
  • Interventions for Anger Management Clients
  • Interventions for Food Addiction and Eating Disorders
  • Interventions for Sex Addicts
  • Interventions for Gambling Addicts
  • Templates: love letter template, bottom line templates and more
  • Evaluation of the proper clinical intervention approach
  • Analysis of correct Case Management Skills prior to the Intervention and post Intervention
  • Clinical problem solving in unexpected situations during the Intervention
  • Pre Qualifying The Client:  The First Call, How to decide if this client is a good fit and how to get it organized.
  • Body Language Techniques and how to read the Family and Client
  • When to Utilize the Invitation or Surprise Models
  • Family Dynamics and whom sits where to make the Flow of The Intervention easier, soother and with least resistance.
  • Read the Client: Overcoming resistance to participation
  • Assessing for safety: yours, theirs and the clients.
  • Tips and Tricks to close the deal faster
  • What NOT to say and do
  • How to set up the Pre qualification with Treatment Centers
  • The Legal side of Intervention
  • The Ethical Side of Intervention
  • Continuum of Care Knowledge and the family healing process
  • Practicing intervention and continuing care ethically within the bounds of your existing credentialing and license
  • How to market and brand yourself as a Top Certified Interventionist



  • Use of The Addictions Academy® logo AND Seal of Certifications on approved marketing materials (including but not limited to business cards, flyers, brochures, websites, newsletters, banners etc.
  • Use of NCIP designation on all credential platforms
  • Repeat class at ANYTIME FOR FREE. All refresher classes — live, live virtual classroom or self-study are at your fingertips once you pay for the course, you have a lifetime to repeat an refresh at NO COST. We are the only company that offers this, and we want you ensure you have the most up to date information possible.
  • Eligibility to receive referrals through The Addictions Academy website listing, Facebook networking groups and LinkedIn Networking groups.
  • Discounted price for all courses and classes we offer.
  • Eligibility to receive an invitation to join The Addictions Academy as an independent contractor with referrals based on your location, expertise, specialty and ability to travel.
  • Increase your income by adding another service to your platform.
  • Add verified credentials to your name. We are approved through the AACT as a Secondary Learning Institution. We are also offering CEU’s through The Florida Certification Board.
  • Contracts and forms for clients, Service Contract, HIPAA Compliance, Duty to Warn, and Confidentially Forms and more INCLUDED. No need to hunt online for these.
  • Supervisory hours are available and recommended.
  • Decrease AMA and APA rates in facilities.

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