National Certificate in Ethics Training (NCEC)


ethics trainingThe Addictions Academy’s Ethics Training course holds our students to the highest standards in the industry. Our students are professionals; our code of ethics and responsibilities is considered paramount in all of our training courses. Areas to be covered will include fraud related conduct, safety and welfare, confidentiality, professional standards, sexual misconduct, unlawful conduct, record keeping, exploitation, unqualified practice, cooperation during investigation, working in different states, definitions, report writing, dos and don’ts, case management, action plans, and scenerios.

Most people start to yawn when you say the word ethics. The truth is, there is a great deal more to ethics and responsibilities then most professionals ever imagined. Being on solid ground ethically will make all the difference when it comes to success and failure. You don’t ever want to be on the wrong side of ethics. You have boundaries and rules that must be followed and you are responsible to know what they are!

The good news is that learning about ethics doesn’t have to be boring! Through role play and student interaction, interjecting different scenarios into the class setting for the students to solve is usually quite fun and entertaining, as well as informative. Remember that knowledge is power. The local, state, and federal laws are ever changing; it is your responsibility to stay informed. The course is three hours in length and contains 3 continuing education hours. The course is NAADAC approved and you will receive a certificate upon completion and passing the exam. Our instructors are constantly taking seminars themselves to stay current with the latest trends. We hope to see you in the next class this is a must for all serious professionals!

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What You Will Learn:

*Your role in ethics

*Your role in responsibilities

*Proper report writing

*Ethical action planning

*Ethical case management

*You and the law

*How does the state line impact your work?

*Ethical Guidelines

*Professional Standards

*Planning & Goal Setting

*Trust/Relationship Building

*Communication Techniques

544f6df3-03c2-4ad4-aa64-33b2bffa969a.jpgIn our Ethics Certificate Training Program you will quickly find out why ethical conduct is so important. You will star in our interactive scenarios with other students, putting into action information freshly learned. With real life examples of how to handle difficult situations, role play is a great way to learn. The three hours will fly and you won’t believe that we have been talking about ethics! This knowledge will empower you in your day to day interaction with clients. You will have clear boundaries and will be able to work with a real sense of integrity and wholeness, having a clear code of ethics. You will have a real sense of competency. Training and clarifying expectations is so important. We have all heard the quote by now, “Ignorance of the law is no excuse!”  We are all expected to know the law, especially when it comes to our careers. The value of this course is to clarify expectations of ethical conduct for each and every individual.

Professional Value of Course:

This information is essential to all professionals.

This information is mandatory for most professionals to know.

Make yourself more marketable to other agencies.

The information is paramount for therapists, directors, owners, BHT staff, coaches and more.

Increase your earning potential and your knowledge.

You will have a professional understanding of the ten sections on ethics.


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Ethics Training - IAAP Approved Course