Ethics Training


ethics trainingThe Addictions Academy’s Ethics Training course holds our students to the highest standards in the industry. Our students are professionals; our code of ethics and responsibilities is considered paramount in all of our training courses. Areas to be covered will include fraud related conduct, safety and welfare, confidentiality, professional standards, sexual misconduct, unlawful conduct, record keeping, exploitation, unqualified practice, cooperation during investigation, working in different states, definitions, report writing, dos and don’ts, case management, action plans, and scenarios.

Most people start to yawn when you say the word ethics. The truth is, there is a great deal more to ethics and responsibilities then most professionals ever imagined. Being on solid ground ethically will make all the difference when it comes to success and failure. You don’t ever want to be on the wrong side of ethics. You have boundaries and rules that must be followed and you are responsible to know what they are. The local, state, and federal laws are ever changing,; it is your responsibility to stay informed. You will receive a certificate upon completion and passing the exam.

NOTE: There are NO prerequisites to this course. Most of the classes, courses and certifications contain ethics in each bundle of classes. Please note that we do sell just this class and offer 6 CEU’s. This class is delivered by self study online format and go at your own pace. There is an exam you must pass and you will receive your certificate at the end of the exam.

What You Will Learn:

*Your role in ethics

*Your role in responsibilities

*Proper report writing

*Ethical action planning

*Ethical case management

*You and the law

*How does the state line impact your work?

*Ethical Guidelines

*Professional Standards

*Planning & Goal Setting

*Trust/Relationship Building

*Communication Techniques

Ethics Training - IAAP Approved Course

How many Continuing Education Units does an ethics class normally provide? it is usually 6 CEU’s and most addiction and therapy credentials require 6 units per year of ethics training.

Is there a self study online ethics training? Yes! The Addictions Academy offers an ethics training that is online and self study complete with exams. It is 6 hours.

Must I take ethics training to be a certified recovery coach? No, but it is highly recommended that everyone that holds a credential in a coaching discipline have an ethics training course. These can be taken each year.

Must I take an ethics class to be a certified addictions counselor? Yes. It is required in the 350 hours of study in the 9 domains that you hold and complete a 6 hour ethics class. Each year you will need to complete an addiction 6 hours of ethics to keep your license or certification current.