Nationally Certified Intervention Professional™ (NCIP)

With our National (and now International) Professional Certification in Intervention, you will learn how to assist your clients in the most ethical and legal way possible with the least resistance on their end.  We teach clear and concise methods that are evidenced-based practice and all of our intervention training courses cover ethics, legal issues specific to intervention, per-screening for the proper intervention, per-intervention, intervention, and post-intervention. As an expert interventionist, we want you to partake in our real-world case scenarios and teach you body language and proper client placement during a clinical intervention. You will leave our intervention training feeling knowledgeable and wanting more. You will feel secure and able to tackle any intervention jobs that come your way and you will have a basic understanding of how and where clients will come from when you start your own intervention business.

Training Curriculum

  • Pre-Qualifying The Client:  The First Call, How to decide if this client is a good fit and how to get the intervention organized.
  • How to do an intervention (pre, during and post information)
  • Body Language Techniques and how to read the Family and Client (exclusive RAAD Model)
  • When to Utilize the Invitation or Surprise Models
  • Family Dynamics including room placement of participants to assist the flow of the Intervention,  and offer the least resistance. Based on Claudia Black’s work.
  • Read the Client: Overcoming resistance to participation
  • Assessing for Safety: yours, theirs and the clients.
  • Tips and Tricks to close the deal faster
  • What NOT to say or do
  • How to set up the Pre-qualification with Treatment Centers
  • The Legal side of Intervention
  • The Ethical Side of Intervention
  • Codependent behavior definitions and how to deal with these personalities
  • Continuum of Care Knowledge and the family healing process
  • Practicing intervention and continuing care ethically within the bounds of your existing credentialing and license
  • How to handle an addiction relapse
  • Family versus Individual Interventions
  • Business and Executive model of Intervention
  • How to practice for an alcohol rehab or a drug rehab

Student Testimonials:

I just received this amazing letter from a wife of a recent intervention. She said so many amazing things about me and I wanted to take a moment and thank you!

Everything I’ve learned came from you and I wanted to say I appreciate you more than you’ll ever know!

It’s really amazing how many people you’ve helped and how many people they will have the opportunity to help!

Keep changing the world!!

Patrick Kullman
Kullman Intervention

National Intervention 9and now Internatioanl) Certification and Training (NCIP)
As a Trained and Certified Interventionist, you will be on the front lines of assisting clients to get the help they so desperately need for their drug and alcohol addictions. As an addiction interventionist, you will be assisting the family in providing a family drug intervention or help for an alcoholic in their family. As a top interventionist, you will assist the family and the client in finding the most appropriate setting for the client to get help for their Substance Use Disorder, including alcohol rehab. If you have ‘the gift’ to help people get into rehab or detox and turn their lives around, this career as a Professional Interventionist is for you. You are probably in recovery yourself and have a true desire to help people by using your intervention training skills.

In our Professional Intervention Certification Training Program we will teach you the exclusive RAAD model that we use for clients to facilitate a smooth and fast transition into the treatment setting. You may be placing the client into Detox, Residential Treatment, Partial Hospitalization (PHP) or Intensive Outpatient (IOP) and you need to understand the proper protocols of placement, insurance per-certification, the rule of the 3 placements, and more.

Our exclusive RAAD model intervention training will allow you to become a Certified Interventionist and teach you how to do an intervention by teaching you both the surprise (Johnson) and invitational models of Intervention. You will learn how to read the client’s body language, Access the situation, Anticipate the need of the client, and Direct the flow (RAAD). We teach you tips and tricks that to help facilitate the actual intervention, how to handle the class and do all the behind the scenes work (you can handle almost all of the intervention prep before you leave your office/home).  In our Intervention Certification and Training Program we will address several styles of interventions, dealing with aggressive clients, out of control clients, clients in the Criminal Justice system, family intervention techniques, and the upper elite/wealthy client along with handling unique and stressful family intervention situations. Through role-play, we will cover Bottom Lines, Love Letters, seating, the flow of the intervention and more. You will learn when to stop and also how to handle the unexpected outcomes while in the field.

Where does an Interventionist work?

A top interventionist will work for a treatment center or a family placing clients into addiction treatment that need services. A top interventionist will either be an independent contractor through ta treatment cetner or be in a privae priactice assisting families with helping their loved ones with correct and ethical interventions to placment in drug and alcohol treatment facilities.

Who hires an Interventionist?

The family of an addicted loved one will ask a certfied  interventionist to come and help them convince and place their addicted loved one into treatment or mental health setting.

How much does an Interventionist make?

Interventionists can charge any rate that is comparable to the market. Some charge $500 to $10,000 per intervention, depending on what work needs to be done and what travel is required.

What Is Included in our Professional Intervention Certification and Training?

Our 36-Hour Intervention Certification and Training Program Includes:

  • Two-Day Immersion online live, virtual classroom  (or Live in- person) experience for Professional Intervention Certification Immersion Class runs 10-3 EST (see calendar HERE for dates, times and locations)  Exam follows. Manual included.
  • Certified Case Manager self-study component with manual and exam at your leisure. No time limit to complete this course (optional but included in price).
  • Ethics self-study component at your leisure with manual and exam. No time limit to complete this course (optional but included in price).
  • Clinical supervision every Tuesday from 11-12 AM EST for 10 weeks to hone your Intervention skills (optional but included in price). Call in via phone or access us via web platform face to face.





$1329 VALUE


  • Certified Intervention Professional Video Series Course (8 hours)

  • Certified Case Management Self Study Class  (10 hours)
  • Ethics Course ( 6hours)
  • 10 weeks of call-in/online Clinical Supervision to hone your skills as a coach
  • All Manual for courses
  • All 3 Exams
  • All 3 Credentials
  • Bonus: Copy of 1# Best Selling Workbook for client exercises
  • Bonus: Private FB Graduate Group
  • Bonus: FB Networking Group
  • Bonus: Seals for social media, website, and marketing




$3977 VALUE


  • Certified Intervention Professional  (2 days LIVE) virtual classroom (10 hours)
  • Certified Case Management Self Study Class (10 hours)
  • Ethics Class Self Study (6 hours)
  • 10 weeks of call-in/online clinical supervision to hone your skills as a coach
  • All Manuals for courses
  • All 3 Exams
  • All 3 Credentials
  • Bonus: Copy of 1# Best Selling Workbook for client exercises
  • Bonus: Copy of #1 Best Selling Book, “I Married a Junkie”
  • Bonus: Copy of Forms and Contracts for Private Practice
  • Bonus: Private FB Graduate Group
  • Bonus: FB Networking Group
  • Bonus: Seals for social media, website, and marketing
  • Bonus: Directory Listing to gain clients
  • Benefits of International Professional Intervention Certification:
  • Use of The Addictions Academy® logo AND Seal of Certifications on approved marketing materials (including but not limited to business cards, flyers, brochures, websites, newsletters, banners etc.)
  • Use of INCIP designation on all credential platforms
  • Repeat class at ANY TIME FOR FREE. All refresher classes — live, live virtual classroom or self-study are at your fingertips once you pay for the course, you have a lifetime to repeat an refresh at NO COST. We are the only company that offers this and we want to ensure you have the most up-to-date information possible.
  • Eligibility to receive Intervention referrals through The Addictions Academy website listing, Facebook networking groups, and LinkedIn Networking groups.
  • Discounted price for all courses and classes we offer.
  • Eligibility to receive an invitation to join The Addictions Academy as an independent contractor with referrals based on your location, expertise, specialty, and ability to travel.
  • Increase your income by adding another service to your platform.
  • Add verified credentials to your name. With 6 years in business, we are the Original certification body for Intervention credentials. We have certified and trained over 5500 people in 22 countries.
  • Contracts and forms for clients, Service Contract, HIPAA Compliance, Duty to Warn, and Confidentially Forms can be purchased in our exclusive business forms book CLICK HERE
  • Supervisory hours are available and recommended.
  • Decrease AMA and APA rates in facilities

In our Certified Intervention Training program, you will become an interventionist that can handle the unexpected outcomes while in the field.  We utilize role play and bring you real-life examples of stressors and issues that arise during the intervention. In our Intervention Training Program, we will address several styles of mock interventions, dealing with aggressive clients, out of control clients, clients in the Criminal Justice System and the upper elite/wealthy client along with handling unique and stressful family situations. When to say no to a client and how to terminate the relationships will be addressed.

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