The Addictions Academy offers Nationally Certified Relapse Prevention Professional Training

Nationally Certified Relapse Prevention

Relapse is a process.  The mental obsession happens before anything else.  Sometimes people have a mental or emotional relapse without ever using.  There are warning signs and symptoms to watch out for.  Relapse is not a prerequisite!  Addicts and alcoholics can get clean and sober the first time that they try and never look back.  A relapse does not have to happen.  In fact, if an addict or alcoholic works a modality or program of recovery giving 100% effort, they should not ever relapse.  Any relapse could end in disaster!  Anyone that has the miracle of recovery should do everything in their power not to ever relapse.  It could cost them their lives!  Relapse in relation to substance abuse is resuming the use of a drug or a chemical substance after a period of abstinence.   Influenced by the nature of the drugs, is the propensity for repeated use and dependence. There is no guarantee of survival through a relapse! Drug dependence can lead to increased tolerance a substance, cravings, and withdrawal if the drug use ceases.  Individual tolerance to particular drugs may vary between periods of sobriety and relapse at different levels depending on the individual.  Any relapse potentially could be fatal. Relapse prevention attempts to identify the factors that contribute to relapses such as environmental and emotional situations including high-risk situations that threaten an individual’s coping strategies, sense of control, and outcome expectancies. Factors influencing relapse, include lifestyle such as stress, balance, urges, and cravings.  Identification can help the individual to understand why they relapsed and what they can do to change so that the behavior doesn’t continue.  This is an invaluable course and workbook for any professional in the addiction treatment field and for any person who suffers from addiction.  The Addictions Academy’s Training on Relapse Prevention includes:

  • Definitions relating to addiction, treatment, relapse, and relapse prevention
  • The 12 steps of AA
  • Diagrams of addiction/recovery the stages of relapse
  • The signs and symptoms of relapse
  • Reasons why people think they relapse
  • Changes
  • Avoiding relapse
  • Action plan for relapse prevention
  • Questions to prevent relapse
  • Questions for relapse
  • Chemical dependency
  • Treatment models and recovery
  • Stages/procedures/principles of relapse
  • Relapse history questions
  • Recognizing warning signs
  • Action plan for relapse prevention strategy
  • Daily recovery plan/ activities
  • Daily inventory
  • Justifications
  • Balance
  • Interactive exam (role play)
  • Final exam written

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Nationally Certified Relapse PreventionSuccessful relapse prevention is a process! Learning, developing, and using new skills, attitudes, beliefs, and values that help you to reach life’s goals and objectives in recovery.  Relapse prevention is about committing to a life of recovery and following an action plan to stay clean and sober.



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Relapse Prevention Training - IAAP Approved Course