The Addictions Academy

The Addictions Academy training at Crossroads Turning points, inc.At The Addictions Academy, we offer courses, training and certifications.  We want you to have the best training on the market so we have everything to offer you! As an addictions professional you may need and want credentials after your name. Most of our classes are full certifications (meaning no need to sit for state/providence or country exams, everything is self contained. These certifications will expire after two years (like most credentials) and you will need to renew them.

We also offer specific training that will provide you with Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) or simply add to your existing platform of services you offer clients. With the addictions counselor training and the case management training programs we offer, once you complete all the educational requirements you have the option to sit for your state and providence exams if you chose to.

Click below to see each Credentialed Certification and what comes with each class and bundle. Most classes have online virtual group supervision, additional classes, workbooks, and lots of BONUS items like a job board, online directory and networking opportunities.

International Master Addictions Coach (IMAC)

Certified Professional Recovery Coach (NCRCI and NCRCII)

Certified Recovery Coach Supervisor (NCRCS)

Certified Intervention Professional (NCIP)

Certified Advanced Clinical Intervention Professional (NCACIP)

Certified Sober Companion and Safe Transport (NCSC)

Certified Life Coach (NCLC)

Certified Internet Addictions Coach (NCIAC)

Certified Family Recovery Coach (NCFRC)

Certified Harm Reduction Coach (NCHRC)

Certified Food Addictions Coach (NCFAC)

Certified Nutritional Recovery Coach (NCNRC)

Certified NeuroHealth Coach (NCNHC)

Certified Sex Addiction Coach (with Dr. Doug Weiss)

Christian Coaching Programs and Certifications

We also offer training that you can set for the state and providence exams or get CEU’s

Case Management Training (16 ceus)

Addictions  Professional Counselor (350 hours of online self study training)

Relapse Prevention Training(16 ceus)

Ethics Training(6 ceus)

In addition to all the training above we offer specialty training for treatment centers! You can call today at 1.800.706.0318 ext 2 or click the inks above fore more info.

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Commonly asked questions:

How long are addiction professional classes?

Classes can run 36 hours to 6 months, depending on the classes you pick and what you are doing with them.  If you want to be a professional counselor most training programs are 350 hours whereas a recovery coach may run 36 hours to 60 hours.

Are there online courses for addiction professionals?

YES! Most of our classes are video self study or live virtual classroom and have been since 2014. We specialize in the learn at your own pace or in your PJ’s concept. You can also attend one of our live events and trainings.

Are there prerequisites to addiction professional classes?

Most classes like recovery coach,  interventionist, sober companion and other classes the answer is no, all classes are self contained. In certain case you will need a life coach certification to take the next level of classes.

How expensive is it to become a sober coach?

Not very. Most of our classes run under $1300 and include 36 hours or more of education. Compared to the thousands of dollars you would spend on a degree that you will probably not use in the addiction field, it is a wise investment.

More questions or want to speak with a human on the phone? CALL US!! 1.800.706.0318 ext 2