Jay Keefe

Jay Keefe - Writer and Director of Happiness - The Addictions AcademyOn October 4, 2009 Jay woke up in his brother’s boiler room with tears streaming down his face and the weight of the world resting on his chest. He wanted to die and if had had a gun, he would’ve put it in his mouth and pulled the trigger. That’s how hopeless he had become.

And Drink I Did is the story of Jay’s fall into alcoholism.

This book, however, does not speak only to those addicted to alcohol. It could be drugs, could be violence, could be overeating or any number of things. What this book is truly about, is finding the reason to change your perspective – and the courage to do so, especially when you’ve seemingly hit the bottom.

It is honest, straightforward and does not pull punches. It is written plainly and openly, by a man who has seen and done some unbelievably bad things, but turned his life completely around.

But is also a story of redemption. It’s an inspiring tale about overcoming addiction, accepting help, and perhaps, most importantly, understanding personal value.

Jay has been published in several magazines and newspapers, including New Hampshire Living and studied English at the University of Massachusetts.

After becoming sober, Jay received his Certified Personal Trainer certificate from the National Academy of Sports Medicine in 2014 as well as his Certified Health Coach certificate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Jay realizes how important proper nutrition and exercise are to overall recovery and he loves showing people what a positive impact fitness can have on their sobriety.

As well as being a personal trainer and a health coach, Jay is a consultant for a family therapist.

In February of 2015, Jay had his first author event at Trident Booksellers, the only independent book store in Boston, Massachusetts. It was one of the only times Trident allowed a first-time author to be a guest speaker. In December of 2016, he was a guest on My Recovery Radio, the largest recovery based radio program in the United States.

Jay will soon earn his Nationally Certified Recovery Coach certificate from the world renowned Addictions Academy so he can further his expertise and background in recovery from addiction. In the near future, he will be adding his Nationally Certified Level II Recovery Coach Certificate and his Nationally Certified Fitness Recovery Coach certificate from the Addictions Academy to his resume as well.

Jay lives in Boston with his two golden retrieves, Elle and Grace. His sobriety date is October 4, 2009.